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English TV via ADSL

By Cheryl Summers - Tue 2th Nov 2010

Anybody who has lived in Spain for even the shortest period of time will know how much of a problem getting English TV of any description can be. One minute you can have a signal, the next minute not – seemingly at the whim of re-broadcasters, who the Spanish media tell us are broadcasting in Spain illegally, and charging sums of money for equipment and monthly fees for this privilege.

The good news is that there is an alternative to receiving English TV without a cumbersome and expensive dish or aerial!


This is still a relatively new service to Spain, and as such it is to be expected that some of our clients may be a little sceptical, and that there will be many questions on a number of issues concerning this service

So how do I get it ?


TelitecTV delivers English content direct to your TV with your ADSL connection.

How does it work ?


All you need is a Telitec minimum 3mb Internet connection that will allow us deliver standard definition television by using state of the art encoding servers.

How do I watch?


It’s simple… purchase a set top box so you can watch this service on your television.

What Channels can I get ?


We currently have 28 + FREE UK Channels, Including : BBC1, BBC2, ITV, ITV2, Channel 4, E4, Five, CBeebies and CITV for the Kids, Film Four for movies fans, and Chart Show TV for music lovers.

What do I do next ?

< Simply contact us by clicking the logo -Link to our own page (Above) and one of our dedicated team will get back to you at your convenience to talk you through every step of the process and answer any question that you may have. Remember – this service to ADSL users has NO minimum contract and NO sign up fee for this service !

It really is that simple !


In Brief :


*30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you are not satisfied

*Watch Liven TV

* Rewind TV (don’t miss a program, watch up to the last 7 days)

*No Dish required , No Contract required

*Built in ‘What's On Guide’

*28+ Channels

Can be switched On / Off by calendar month as required  

Requirements :

*Minimum 3 Mb ADSL connection

*4 Port Router (cabled or Wi-Fi)

*UK Address (Friend or Family)

If you have any questions regarding this service please feel free to contact us by clicking on our logo towards the top of this page, or by adding your comments to the box, below.

Comment on this Blog

Hi, Can I get Sky Sports with your system? Cheers, Noel.
Noel Hammond - Thu, 17th Mar 2016
Hello, I would like to have TeliTec TV in my home, but what guarantee do I have, that after the instalment payment... I have no problem receiving signals... thanks
Michael - Fri, 26th Apr 2013
Geoff, assuming you already have the appropriate ADSL connection, there is a one-off cost of 149.99 Euros IVA for the set-top box, with a monthly subscription of 19.99 Euros IVA , please contact us if you would like further details.
Cheryl Summers - Sun, 19th Dec 2010
where are the prices?
Geoff - Sat, 18th Dec 2010
Kathy, if you can contact us (click our logo, towards top, left of page & complete form at foot of new page) stating your telephone number, we will check your line and advise you if this is likely to cause you any issues.
Cheryl - Thu, 18th Nov 2010
I already have Telitec internet and phone calls. But a normal Sky Box and dish with a monthly standing order for a Sky Card in the UK. I'm concerned that :- A Television, 2 Laptops & An X.Box live, all playing at the same time will slow down the speed. Also can you let me know the prices
Kathy - Sat, 13th Nov 2010