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Applying for Residential Status ( Residencia) - Non- EU Citizens

- Updated: 18/07/2011
Applying for Residential Status ( Residencia) - Non- EU Citizens

Temporary Residence ( up to 90 Days )

Unless you are a citizen of the USA, Australia or New Zealand then you are required to hold a Visado de Residencia (Residence visa) to be allowed to enter Spain, however if you wish to stay for longer than 90 days then you will need to apply for a Residency Permit

The Tourist Visa should be applied for at the Spanish Embassy in your home country in plenty of time before the date which you intend to enter Spain.

Note : The 'Visado de Residencia' differs from a standard 90 day Tourist Visa insofar as once you have been awarded this visa, it allows you to begin application for the permanent Residency card – if your intention is to stay beyond 90 days then ensure that you request a 'Visado de Residencia'.

Residence Card ( Over 90 Days )

Non-EU Citizens wishing to remain in Spain for a period greater than 90 days must make their application for their Residency Permit/Card (Tarjeta de Residencia) within 30 days of arriving here in Spain. The application should be submitted at the Foreigner's Office (Oficina de Extranjeros) or local police station of the province where they will be staying.

The application procedure differs depending upon the applicants individual circumstances, as does the documentation that will need to be produced, and it is always wise to speak directly with your local Oficina de Extranjeros to find out before preparing your application.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to provide some or all of the following :

- Your current passport, with a photocopy

- 3 Colour Photos ( Most Studios will offer these, but be sure to tell them it is for your Residencia application so the correct size is given to you )

- Completed application form *, with 3 photocopies

- Proof of your address in Spain ( Rental contract, Padron etc...)

- Stamped receipt of payment of the fees from the bank.

Note : There are a number of different Residencia application forms available – again, you should find out exactly which form corresponds with your personal circumstances.

In some circumstances you may also be asked to provide some or all of the following (which is why speaking to your local Oficina about your personal situation is always advisable ) :

- Contract of Employment

- If you are intending to work as self-employed it is a requirement to show that you will meet the same requirements as a Spanish National self-employed worker.

- Proof of professional qualifications (if you have them or if to be used)

- Proof of funds if you are coming here without work

- Proof of school enrolment (for students only)

- Proof of having no previous criminal record (Certificado de Antecedentes Penales); which should be brought with you from your previous place of residence.

- Medical certificate

- A letter of introduction from the Embassy in your home country

- Proof of having the required medical insurance.

As soon as you have submitted your application, a stamped copy of the application form should be given to you. The Residence Card itself should then follow in three or four months, so during this time you should take a few copies of the stamped form to keep in a safe place.

Your card is valid for 12 months, which can be renewed every year for up to 5 years and this should be done at the Oficina de Extranjeros, as before. You should always inform the office if their has been any changes to your personal details or circumstances.

Please click here if you wish to Apply for Residential Status as an EU Citizen.

Comment on this Article


Analyn :

To come here to tour you just need a Visa, but this does NOT permit you to stay here permanently, or work here.

Kjell : Sorry for the late reply - only just seen your post - If you mean you want to move TO the USA you should speak with the USA Embassy, if you mean FROM the USA and TO Spain, then as a Norwegian, you enjoy the same rights as an EU Citizen applying for residencia.

Tumbit - Admin - Thu 11th Dec 2014 from Philippines the employer of my sister in spain want to get me as there nanny there at spain...but the atty tell to my sister employer that spain is closed for direct hiring sa he suggest to go there to this ppossible?i and if yes then what are the documents needed?can u pls hel me out...thank you
Analyn Organo - Tue 9th Dec 2014
We are a couple who want to move to USA. We dont need a green card,just want to live there.What do i need to do to get a permanent resident card. We are Norwegian.
Kjell - Mon 3rd Feb 2014
Hi. I'm an Indian citizen and want to apply for a Spanish visa. And after entering Spain can I apply for a permanent residency visa ? And, if yes then what are the documents required. N for visit visa to apply from India what all the documents required. Can u pls help me out ?
Tanveer Hussain - Fri 31st Jan 2014
Links to the application forms would have been very useful.
Shey Buehler - Wed 11th Dec 2013
Is this information current? I am retired and reside in Colorado and must make an appt with the Spanish Consulate in LA - bringing all documents translated into Spanish. I am told that a Long-stay residency visa may take 1-4 months after the appt., and that I must RETURN to LA to get the stamp. That also means if I happen to be in Spain, I must return to LA for the stamp. No mention is made of going to the Foreigner's Office in Spain for the stamp. Please clarify - thanks.
Bc - Fri 9th Aug 2013
hey, I'm an Indian citizen. my partner is Spanish and we'll be getting married next year and move to Spain after that. but to be a citizen of Spain i have to stay there for min 1 year but i'm a oil and gas personnel and work as a freelancer around the world (I'll be staying total 4 months per year during my off time.)but my partner will stay in Spain. Please advice
Laxman - Wed 17th Jul 2013
My son is a Spanish citizen.
Joseph - Tue 16th Jul 2013
Joseph : What Nationality is your Son ? You might be apply to apply for Residency as the Parent of a Spanish Citizen, if not the Spouse ?
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 16th Jul 2013
I am married to a Spanish citizen. Our marriage is registered in El Libro de Familia. I am non-EU moving to Spain with my son to live. My Spanish citizen spouse will join us in a year. Can I get my Spanish residency even if my wife does not move to live with us immediately?
Joseph - Tue 16th Jul 2013
Sarah : No - Regardless of your route to applying for Citizenship, you can only do this once you have been legally Resident here in Spain for the qualifying period of time - As a Citizen of the Philippines this will be 2 years.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 8th Jul 2013
Hi good day, I am here in the UK married to a British citizen, I stayed here on indefinite leave to remain, my father is a Spanish citizen, he acquired that citizenship last 2009, my first question is, can I apply for Spanish citizenship directly base on my visa here in the UK ? secondly is my father can apply or petition to his children who are non EU member in the Philippines ?
Sarah Olarte - Fri 5th Jul 2013
Getting an apartment here in Spain will have zero effect on whether you are Employed (or where you are employed), or where you are Resident - as long as you have a big enough deposit few landlords are likely to care.
Robster - Thu 24th Jan 2013
My partner is Spanish and we intend to get married and move to Spain from Japan. I'm a US citizen. Do we need to get married prior to coming to Spain or can I come in as a tourist, then we get married and then I can apply for residency? How difficult is it for us to get an apartment if my job is actually based in the UK and my partner doesn't work ? Thanks!
Jeremy - Thu 24th Jan 2013
Thank you for all your advise.
Thompson - Tue 8th Jan 2013
Thompson : In very broad and general terms, Yes it would be far easier to obtain Residency if you found legal work before applying and no, you don't need to have residency to get work providing you apply within the right time frame. However, in practice this is much harder than it sounds.
Tumbit Admin - Tue 8th Jan 2013
So if we get a legal contract of employment it would be a little easier? Or are you saying we need to very lucky two get both? Also do we need a residency to get a legal contract of employment if they know we want to apply for one?
Thompson - Mon 7th Jan 2013
Thompson : By all means, come to Spain - but it would be prudent to air on the side of caution and be prepared NOT to be awarded Residency. Unless you fall very lucky and both of you find a legal contract of employment within the allotted time frame you will end up disappointed.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 7th Jan 2013
My aunt is a EU citizen and we will staying with her. We are both 21 years old and plan on going to work, maybe school also. We plan to sort out everything there.
Thompson - Mon 7th Jan 2013
Thompson : What is your reason for coming to Spain ? : To Work / Study / Retire ? - if so, have you arranged this in advance of your trip, or are you hoping to sort whilst you are here ? - These will all have a bearing on how you should make your application, and how succesful you are likely to be in having it granted.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 7th Jan 2013
My girlfriend and I are American citizens and are planning to move to Spain in March. As soon as we get there we are planning to apply for our Tarjeta de Residencia. Any advise?
Thompson - Mon 7th Jan 2013
I am an American citizen who was married almost 3 years ago to an Irish citizen. We moved to spain almost a year ago and are now in the process of getting a divorce. I have Tarjeta de Residencia that is valid until 2017 but I am not sure how that will hold up after the divorce is final. I wish to remain in Spain as I love the country and the life I have created here. Any advice on what I need to or should do to secure my residency here?
Michelle - Fri 4th Jan 2013
Jan : What is your status in the UK ? are you resident there, living there or just staying there temporarily ?
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 12th Nov 2012
I have lived in Spain for 21 years and I have a spanish residencia I also have a social security number and I went to school in spain all my life. I also hold a US passport. Can I apply for Spanish citizenship now I am in the UK.
Jan Morris - Mon 12th Nov 2012
Johan : it might be worth checking out EU Directive 2004/38 which covers "Durable and duly attested partnerships". In 2009 there were a number of ammendments to this directive, but as far as I am aware this just covered Eire due to their change in position on civil partnerships.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 25th Oct 2012
The company I work for is European and operates world wide. The real question is if I accept a contract for my company in Spain for an x amount of time (normally 3 years) can I bring her with me to Spain I refer hereby to the Spanish Law of Urban Lettings (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos) provides that subrogation is possible between live-in couples if they had lived together for 2 years.
Johan - Thu 25th Oct 2012
This is the first I have heard about any such "Arrangement" being recognised in Spain. Is the company you work for a Spanish / EU legal entity ?
Simon Parkin - Wed 24th Oct 2012
Hello, I am a EU citizen and living and working in China, i have now a job offer from Spain. My question is: I am in a relationship with a Chinese (not married) but I have a family status contract from my company where she is mentioned as my accompanying spousse. I will keep working for the same company and my new contract will mention the same as the above mentioned. Is it possible to apply for her residence permit based upon a "duly attested durable relationship" ?
Johan - Wed 24th Oct 2012
Interesting article.
Joe - Thu 20th Sep 2012
Natalia : You will certainly be allowed OUT of the country. I would have expected that you would then be allowed back - certainly as an Australian citizen - due to your 90 day period being "re-set" - you would be better of checking with the Australian Embassy in Madrid though !
C Timpson - Wed 5th Sep 2012
Hello, We moved to Spain from Australia. My husband and two children have UK passports as well as Australian. My husband already received his NIE. I have Autralian passport and applying for TARJETA RESIDENCIA DE FAMILIAR NO COMUNITARIO DE CIUDADANO DE LA UNIÓN EUROPEA. My appointment is in November. We arrived in April, been robbed, all our documents had to be replaced. This why I am applying so late. I overstayed my allowed 3 month in Spain. My question: I need to travel in EU and outside before my appointment. Am I allowed to leave the country? Will I be allowed back to Spain?
Natalia - Wed 5th Sep 2012
Sey : I would agree with the advice that you have been offered - You would be highly unlikely to be offered Residency in Spain as a non-EU citizen, especially as you would not actually be 'Resident' here. The Visitor's Visa would be the way to go here.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 18th Jul 2012

Hello, my wife recently got a job in Spain and should be there for, at the very least, the next 2 years. We are both Nigerians and I work in Nigeria with no intention to relocate (at least immediately). Her company is willing to apply for the residency cards for both of us. But the lady she in charge advised against the company applying for me. In her opinion, my residency card may be withdrawn since I live in Nigeria.

I have a plan to visit once every month (or every two month worst case scenario). Her suggestion is I apply for a tourist visa (which is multiple entry for 3 months). This visa is renewable every 6 months; that just doesn't work.

My questions are:

1. Can visiting once every month (or once every 2 months) result in the withdrawal of a residency card?

2. Are there any other types of visas or permits I can apply for that can cater for my seemingly peculiar situation ?

Sey - Wed 18th Jul 2012
Paz : My understanding is that as the Spouse of a Swiss - EEA National, there is no legal reason as to why you should not qualify for Spanish residency automatically. I recommend that you contact Perez Legal Group in Malaga, who should be able to assist you with this matter.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 11th Jul 2012
Hi, my husband is Swiss and I am filipina. I want to get a residence card in spain, after attending in person the local government in Malaga in march to file the application and they told me to wait at least 3 months to get my residence card. After 3 months from what I can understand - informs me that I have failed i have to submit the required documents and therefore my recidence card is refused. can you please recomend a lowyer who specialist in getting done my problem.... thank you
Paz - Wed 11th Jul 2012
Kjell : Although Norway is not in Europe, it is a member of the EEA, and therefore treated the same as countries within the EU for purposes of gaining residency etc... Therefore YOU need to complete the EX18 (as an EU Citizen) and your Wife needs to complete an EX16 as the Spouse of an EU Citizen.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 18th May 2012
Yes, I understand that, but is it form ex16 she must fill out ? me as a Norwegian its ex18. And where do u find the form to fill out ?
Kjell Ivar Valaker - Fri 18th May 2012
Hi, I am a Filipina, having an spanish employer, and my employer brought me to the UK, and now I am currently renewing my residence permit but my worries are if I will be allowed to enter Spain since my residence permit has already expired. I am supposed to go to Spain for my fingerprints taken on the 5th of May. Please help !
Annie - Fri 27th Apr 2012
I don't know what to do. I called one office in Granada and they said I had everything to apply for residency (my translated & apostilled marriage certificate & my empadronamiento here) but the Malaga office won't give me my residency card. Should I try to get a card as self-employed? Any recommendations 4 immigration lawyers in Malaga?
Cortney - Sat 31st Mar 2012

Kelly : in your circumstances you must be legally resident in Spain for a period of 10 years before you can apply for Citizenship.

You can click HERE to find out more about that...

Tumbit - Admin - Sat 31st Mar 2012
Hola I am a non-eu citizen married to an eu citizen in Portugal due to my wife current resident in spain we move to spain last year april 2012, I am holding a 5 year resident permit which says regimen comunitario, I will like to know when am due to spanish citizenship although my wife is not spanish but an eu menber state pls someone should help me for a concret information
Kelly - Fri 30th Mar 2012
Shamsher : When and where were you divorced ? Did you notify the immigration office of this, and if so, when ? You 'should' be able to get "Residencia de larga duracion", which allows you to live and work in Spain for 5 years. As soon as you have this you can apply to change it to "residencia permanente EU" if you cab proove you have a contract of employment.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 17th Mar 2012
Samantha : Providing you travel before your original visa expires you will be ok, otherwise you will need to apply for further authorisation to travel.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 17th Mar 2012
my 90 day tourist visa has almost expired (couple weeks) I have been here for almost 90 days...thus the question :-)
Samantha - Sat 17th Mar 2012
Samantha : What kind / Duration of visa are you here in Spain on ? How long are you intending going to France for ? - If you are currently on a Schengen or similar visa with long duration then a short trip to France should not be a problem.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 17th Mar 2012
I am an American citizen with a 4 year old child who holds EU/UK citizenship. We are in spain and will be applying for my residency card shortly, my question is --can I travel to other EU countries (ex. France) while I wait for the residency card to be processed or am I stuck in Spain until I receive the actual card in the mail? Thanks so much for your help---
Samantha - Fri 16th Mar 2012

My EX-wife Portugeesa (divorced after 05 years). Now my residency family comunatario Card (05 years) has expired now. Now after divorce I m applying for new card.

My question is: -

1. which card i will receive now? (larga duracion or permanente familiar de la union)

2.How long is its validity?

3. Is this card valid for to do work in whole of EU ?

Shamsher - Fri 16th Mar 2012
Mohammed : Yes, you can still apply and should do so as soon as possible, or you will run the risk of being asked to leave the country.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 10th Mar 2012
I am Bangladeshi, and have came from the UK on a schengen visa (1 month) and entred Spain. My Visa will soon finished - can I apply for visa for a residence visa ?
Mohammad - Fri 9th Mar 2012
very useful information..
Zahid Iqbal - Fri 2th Mar 2012
I'm from the USA. No, right now I'm not paying Social Security, but I want to sign up for it next week. However, the information I'm finding online says that I need a paper that says I"ve registered myself with the "Registro Central de Extranjeros." I think I get that with my Residency Card (you see the problem in order to register myself with Social Security). Also, BEFORE coming to Spain the Spanish Consulate and to Oficinas de Extranjero and they all said that all I needed was the translated & Apostilled & translated !
Cortney - Fri 2th Mar 2012
Courtney, what nationality are you ? are you paying Social Security contributions here in Spain at all ?
C Timpson - Thu 1st Mar 2012
More or less: I have been denied Residency twice. I'm married to a Spanish citizen. We were married in Gibraltar, England. They said in the office that I need my COMPLETED inscription of our marriaged (certificate) with the Registro Civil. On the website it says it is not necessary. I'm in month 6th here and want a job better than my 2 online teaching jobs. Is is legal that they are denying me residency if I am MARRIED to a Spanish citizen? The marriage certificate is translated and both the certificate and the translation carry an Apostille of the Hague.
Cortney - Thu 1st Mar 2012
Thankyou !
Mack - Thu 19th Jan 2012

Mack : My understanding is that you can simply apply for your residency status to be changed in person at the Oficina de Extranjeros, and that you are eligible to have Permenant Residency granted for 2 reasons :

1) You have lived here legally for more than 5 years, and

2) You have been married (now Divorced) to an EU national.

- You may be asked to provide proof of your Wedding & Divorce certificates, but if they are from another country I don't know if you may have to have these officially translated first of all.

Mr Grumpy - Thu 19th Jan 2012
Hi, I am married to a German wife and am non EU from India. I havejust applied recently for the renewal of my Comuntario card, and we are waiting for our divorce, which will be granted outside spain in 40 days. What do I need to do to change my card from T.C to an Ordinary 5 year resident card ? Thanks, and do I need a character reference from my original country again - even though I have been living legally in Spain for the last 8 years which includes my 5 years of marriage ?
Mack - Thu 19th Jan 2012
Shirley : No - siblings are NOT covered by the Tarjeta de Familiar de la Union, you will need to apply for Residency in your own right.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 22th Oct 2011
Dear tumbit -admin. I am a Filipino citizen here in the Philippines. I have a brother in Spain, working for almost 4yrs now. He wants me to be there too. Can I apply for a Tarjeta de Familiar de la Union? Because I want to stay there for more than 90 days and if possible to work and have a permanent residency. Thank you so much.
Shirley A. - Sat 22th Oct 2011
You should speak with the Spanish Embassy in the Philipines to get a tourist visa. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days you will need to apply for a Tarjeta de Familiar de la Union, which basically entitles you to permenant residency in Spain as the Familar Member of an EU Citizen.
Jake - Fri 21st Oct 2011
Hola,I just want to inquire - I'm a Filipino citizen, married to a spanish citzen and I want to visit my Husband in December. Do I get a tourist visa instead of registro civil or libro de familia ? I just want to visit him for 90 days and then return to the Philippines. Do I take our marriage contract in our NSO and submit to the Spanish Embassy in the Philiipines to apply for libro de familia ? but for now is it possible to apply for a tourist visa. What do they really need to apply for tourist visa ?
Neth - Thu 20th Oct 2011
Shirley : In brief, the Blue Card is a combined Residence / Working Visa issued under special circumstances to Non-EU Citizens who are either highly Qualified, Skilled or Educated.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 25th Aug 2011
May I know what is BLUE CARD for NON-EU citizen? Thank you.
Shirley - Thu 25th Aug 2011

Embassy of Spain in Italy :

Largo Fontanella di Borghese, 19, 00186 Roma

Phone: 06 684 04 01

Tumbit - Admin - Fri 5th Aug 2011
thanks, but the same error, delivery failure message,
Musavi - Fri 5th Aug 2011
Musavi : Try
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 5th Aug 2011
thanks but My trial FAILED :>: Host or domain name not found. Name service error for type=A: Host not found
Musavi - Fri 5th Aug 2011
Musavi : This is a complex issue - I would suggest that you made contact with the Spanish Embassy in Italy (Roma) to ask how you should proceed here. I have attached the contact e mail address >
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 5th Aug 2011
Thanks for the useful info provided. I have just one question : I am a non EU-Citizen, but lived in last 3 years in Italy with my family with permit of stay issued by italian local authorities. Would I need to start from scratch if I want to move to SPAIN to buy an apartment? and to be Self Employed? Can I move to Spain BEFORE having Spanish residency and then apply for residency? OR, will I need to return to my home country and apply at the Spanish Embassy there ? Thanks for your help.
Musavi_nejad - Fri 5th Aug 2011
Thank you Tumbit, I didn't know that it is fiesta time in many parts of Spain. Thank you for always bearing with me.
Shirley A. - Fri 5th Aug 2011
Shirley : Please bear in mind that it is Fiesta time in many parts of Spain, so a slow response is to expected at this time of year. However, you could also try Abogadas Lawyers on 34 928 33 18 33
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 4th Aug 2011
Tumbit, here I am again asking for your help. hoping that you won't let me down. I just want to know if you have other law firm that you can recommend aside from gonzalestorresabogados in Las Palmas Spain. Because, since July 29, 2011 that I sent an email, I also make a follow email in different email address, until now I never heard even a single reply from their office. Thank you so much.
Shirley A. - Thu 4th Aug 2011
Thank you thank you so much Tumbit for the quick reply that you always given to my queries. Okay, I will be waiting for the response of the law firm and hoping that they will reply soon. Because I want to make these things be possible sooner. God bless you!
Shirley - Mon 1st Aug 2011
Shirley : The Law firms don't work over a weekend, so I would expect that they will reply later today. In our opinion it will be perfectly possible for you to enter Brazil as a Tourist BEFORE you come to Spain, but you would be better checking this with them.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 1st Aug 2011
I have additional question Tumbit, since the law firm that you recommended is not yet responding to my e-mail. I am a Filipino citizen of Philippines. If I will go to Brazil as a tourist, which do not required a tourist visa then go to Spain (which require tourist visa) from Brazil. Will it be possible for me to enter in Spain as a tourist if that will be the case? Thank you so much.
Shirley - Mon 1st Aug 2011
i love spain,please give me resident spain i am pakistan
Umar Shahzad - Sat 30th Jul 2011
Thank you so much Tumbit. I'l try to visit the website for more inquiry.
Shirley - Fri 29th Jul 2011
Shirley : For las Palmas, speak with these guys >
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 29th Jul 2011
I think you're right Tumbit. I am planning to go in Las Palmas Spain. How much do you think will it cost for the assistance of a lawyer? I am still here in the Philippines but I have my brother in Spain who is willing to help me. Thank you so much.
Shirley - Fri 29th Jul 2011
Shirley : No, you do not 'need' a Lawyer or Gestor, but you will find the process much quicker and easier if you do use one as they will know exactly how to prepare the paperwork for you so your application is much more likely to be accepted, and in most cases can even make an appointment for you at the Oficina de Extranjeros, which can save you a lot of time waiting in queues. If you let us know what area of Spain you are looking at we would be happy to recommend Lawyers that can assist you with this.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 29th Jul 2011
Thank you again Tumbit. In applying for residencia in Spain, do I need a Lawyer to make it 100% sure to approve the application? Thank you so much.
Shirley - Fri 29th Jul 2011
Hello Every one I am Pakistani and receive a Employee application for Non-EU residents I want to contact a Legal firm to proceed my case favourably on economical charges. If any one have information please forward the information on address below . Thanks Zishan
Zishan - Fri 29th Jul 2011
Shirley : Yes, you can come to Spain on a Toursit visa and then apply for Residential status. Obviously, you should do this at the earliest opportunity and be prepared for the fact that there may be a chance that it may not be accepted.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 28th Jul 2011
Thank you so much Tumbit for your response. I just want to know or make a clarification if is it ok if I landed as tourist in Spain then apply for residencia? Also, is there other way for me to be in Spain thru my brother's help? Thank you so much.
Shirley A. - Thu 28th Jul 2011
Shirley : You will need to apply for residencia as a Non-Citizen in the same way as everyone else (as detailed above) BUT your brother can help you if he can write a letter to be sent with your supporting documents which offers you an address / place to stay AND offers proof of financial support until you can, or if you are unable to find work.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 28th Jul 2011
I am s Filipino, residing in the Philippines, 38yrs old and have a brother in Spain for almost 4yrs now. He want to help me to be there too. How can he help me? Can he file a petition for me? Please give us advise how to make it possible for us. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
Shirley A. - Thu 28th Jul 2011
Hello Every one I am Pakistani and receive a Employee application for Non-EU residents I want to contact a Legal firm to proceed my case favourably on economical charges. If any one have information please forward the information on address below Thanking to all those who have right information in this regards and also to those who does not forward false information. Thaks Zishan
Muhammad Zishan - Wed 20th Jul 2011
Linda : That's a very good question, and one I don't know the exact answer to - HOWEVER - Once you have completed your 1 year period of continuous residency you could apply for Citizenship though your Grandfather, as opposed to your father, to ensure that the time waiting for your father to obtain his Citizenship is not an issue.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 13th Jul 2011
My father has applied to be a spanish national at the Spanish Embassy in the US, through his father born in New York whose father was Spanish born and remained Spanish. Citizenship will most likely be granted. My question is if I move to Spain and work or attend school before citizenship is granted to my father, will that time living in Spain before citizenship is granted count toward the one year residency requirement? Please reply. Thank you.
Linda - Wed 13th Jul 2011
Liz : YES, as a Cuban national you are required to produce a Schengen Visa for your trip to Spain. If you enter the term "Schengen' into our search box (above, left) you will find a guide that will tell you more ..
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 12th Jul 2011
hi im a US resident with cuban passport i wantto go to spain for a month or less, do i still need a visa? my aunt has spain nationality and my grandmother is permenant resident, on the article it olnly says what you have to do for staying more of 3 months you owould really help me thank you
Liz - Tue 12th Jul 2011
Pablo : As the Great-Grandchild of a Spansh Citizen you are too far removed to be able to easily claim Citizenship of Spain through him, however, as a Filipino you can apply for Citizenship after just 2 years of holding residency here. Unfortunately there are no such easy concessions for become a resident, and you would need to follow the same procedures (Above) as any other Non-EU Citizen
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 7th Jul 2011
I would like to inquire about my father's direct descentants are of spanish blood,is it possible for us filipinos who have spanish great grandparents be able to work and have a permanent residence in Spain, I want also to visit my great grandfather's place.Please reply thru my email.Thank you!
Pablo Cesar E. Perez - Thu 7th Jul 2011
Ahmar : regretfully we can not help you find a job in Spain - just the procedures to help you with the documentation. It may be a good idea to re-write your CV in the style that a Spanish Employee would expect to see it (Click HERE for details) and send it to some recruitment agencies here in Spain - most of them speak a high standard of English,
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 28th Jun 2011
This side is help full I want a job in spain i am computer operator last more or less 14 years i am married do u help me ?
Ahmar Hafeez - Tue 28th Jun 2011
Thanks Lot admin, its really very useful information we got from you and I have no words for appreciation, again thanks lot for sincere and valuable true advice....again thanks lot.
Proff Kulwant Singh Sarwara - Tue 21st Jun 2011
Proff : All you need to do is look on the internet to find the nearest 'Oficina de Extranjeros' to your location in Spain and turn up very early in the day with the documents listed above. You do not require an appointment but if you use a Lawyer or Gestor to prepare your paperwork they can often make an appointment for you, which is much easier. I have no knowledge of the Residencia process in other EU Countries.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 20th Jun 2011
kindly suggest where in europe the citizenship is easy and available early than the spain for indian nationls and how can we get the residence card there plese soggest the genuine way we want to settle permanently. thanks
Anil Sharma - Mon 20th Jun 2011
Thank you Admin but what is the procedure for Residency can any one suggest the best and sincere agencies, law firms who are offering the services,As i dont have contacts and dont know the procedure and how long the permit is issued, We dont know much more,Is it possible if I get residency of Poland and work in Norway actually we want to open our own hotel business there but dont know the procedure to open small Hotel etc there in any country of schengen.
Proff Sarwara - Sun 19th Jun 2011
In Spain (and as far as I am aware much of Europe follows the same system) you first need to obtain RESIDENCY before you are able to even apply for CITIZENSHIP - you can read some more about how to apply for citizenship one you have completed you period of residency be clicking HERE .
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 19th Jun 2011
Kindly suggest where in Europe the citizenship is easy and available early than the Spain for Indian Nationals ,and how can we get the residence cards there,any source is there,we already have traveled history of UK, Schengen, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, France etc. PLEASE PLEASE SUGGEST THE GENUINE WAY WE WANT TO SETTLE PERMANENTLY . THANKS SARWARA
Proff Kulwant Sarwara - Sun 19th Jun 2011
sir i am srilankan 56.year old how can get tourist visa to my passport.
Muthulingam Kandia - Fri 17th Jun 2011
Sidra : Unless you have a legal contract of Employment waiting for you when you arrive as a Non-Eu Citizen you must follow the steps shown above, but importantly you must show that you have enough funds to support yourself on, somewhere to stay, and to have heathcare insurance for yourself.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 14th Jun 2011
I am pakistan nationality and want to become resident in spain. I am a working woman having two kids - How can I come to spain ?
Sidra - Tue 14th Jun 2011
Michael : Being named on the title deeds of a property in Spain does not carry any entitlement to residency. There are 2 options open to you : 1) You get married and she can get residencia as being the spouse of an EU National, OR 2) If she is not working she needs to proove that she has sufficient funds AND healthcare cover for the duration of her intended visit here in Spain
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 14th Jun 2011
I have a partner living with me who is a chinese national. If I add her to my escuitura will she be entitled to residencia ? - She does not work and is my dependant. Or do we have to be married or legally certified as partners ?
Michael Grosvenor-weston - Tue 14th Jun 2011
hi sir sidra is here my husband apply one year resident pemit before 2 and half months but there is no reply yet i also come to spain can u help me
Sidra - Sat 11th Jun 2011
Dan : You need to apply to the 'Oficina de Extranjeros' at : Pl. de la Feria, 24 35003 - Las Palmas (Palmas, Las) Tel.: 928999266
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 30th May 2011
Hi, I am from vietnam but study in Finland. Now i am in Las Palmas , Spain for my practical training for 6 months. Can you tell me where i can apply for the residence card as well as the address ( email ) of it? Thank you so much.
Dan - Mon 30th May 2011
Sir, i have a criminal record from my country since 2009, can i use it to put in for my residence permit, cos i will complete 3 years in spain this year, or do i have to do another one
Sandra - Sat 28th May 2011
helo sir my friend have tarjeta larga duracion now and want to change it withLARGA DURACION E.C. Pls guide us for its requiements and where to apply and how much time required for to change it.
Shamsher - Sat 28th May 2011
Arif : Providing you meet the required conditions, you should be awarded a 5 yr card.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 17th May 2011
Sir Thanks for guidence, Yes at this time as Non EU citizen I have Tarjeta familiar de la union. But now Without divorse can i change my residency status (familiar de la union) to (General Residency). If yes. In 2007 I got (familiar 05year card). Now in 2011 WHICH CARD I WILL GET 05YEAR CARD WILL BE CHANGE INT 05 YEAR CARD OR (01YEAR CARD) OR (02YEAR CARD) which card will be granted me. Thanks and awtg
Arif - Tue 17th May 2011
Arif : IF you meet the criteria for being awarded residency as a Non-EU citizen at this moment in time, then yes - you can re-apply for a Residency Visa in your own name.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 13th May 2011
Sir Thanks for guidence, Is it possible. Without divorse can i change my residency status (familiar de la union) to (General Residency). If yes. In 2007 I got (familiar 05year card). Now which card i will get. Thanks and awtg
Arif - Fri 13th May 2011
Yza : As a parent of a child who holds Spanish residency you can apply for your 'Residency Card for EU Citizen Family Members' (Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de ciudadano de la Unión) and should do this at the Foreigner's Office (Oficina de Extranjeros)
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 13th May 2011
Hello, I came to spain 4 yrs ago, so far without papers. I met a man who has permanent residence here and became pregnant by him. My 2 yrs old son has his residency because of his father - is it possible to apply my residency aswell through my son ?if it is possible what are the requirements?thanks a lot..
Yza - Thu 12th May 2011
Arif : In order to renew the Tarjeta Familiar de la Union you will need to provide 3 Passport photos, your passport, your previous visa documentation, proof of payment being made, Padron, and marriage certificate. However, given that you now have a legal contract of employment you stand a very good chance of being awarded residency in your own name - which may be the better route to take if yo can not locate your marriage certificate - A Gestor or Lawyer will be able to help you with this.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 10th May 2011
Helo sir 1).My wife is Portugesa. in 2006 we married in swedon. regstd.our marriage in spain and got (tarjeta familar de la union). from 05 years Im working. Now I have fijo job contract. 2)About 02 or 03 years my wife is not in my contact. I donot know she is alive or dead. 3)Now i have to renew the card. in this situtation can i renew the card. if yes pls tell required dcuments in detail ( My docs and her docs). 4) I want to divorce her. can i divorce her ALONE in spain.(married in swedon) Pls answer in detail
Arif - Tue 10th May 2011
Sandra : that depends upon your Nationality
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 8th May 2011
most the person come with spanish visa,
Sandra - Sat 7th May 2011
Yes, you can - but officially you should have done this before your visa expires. There is a chance that you will be asked to leave the country, obtain a new visa, and then re-enter and apply again.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 7th May 2011
i came to spain with visa but it has expired, can i put in resident premit,
Sandra - Sat 7th May 2011
As a US citizen he can come to Spain for up to 90 days without a Visa, but if he intends to remain more than 90 days he has to apply for Residencia. If he makes the application as soon as he arrives he should have a decision and receive his documentation BEFORE the 90 day period expires - meaning that he does no have to leave the country.
Mr Grumpy - Thu 5th May 2011
I am a resident of Spain, my partner lives in the US, he wishes to relocate here with his son, what is the procedure with visas / residency permit etc? Does he have to come over here apply & wait here or does he have to return back to the US in the mean time, any email adds, websites to help would be appreciated!
Carol - Thu 5th May 2011
Titilayo, please click the link Here to read about how to apply for Spanish Citizenship
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 3rd Mar 2011
I am a Nigerian living in Spain past 10yrs and with my spain parmernt resident I want to apply for eu citizen , how can I do that ?
Titilayo Betty Akinwale Clark - Thu 3rd Mar 2011
dear sir/madam, am a guy of 25yrs from Ghana in west Africa would like to come to stay and work in Spain if permitted and i have dreamed a lot to stay in Spain to study and work too, i have completed senior high school and also no much about computer and repairs. so i will be happy to hear from you soon and your help for me thank you.
Desmond Gyasi - Sat 8th Jan 2011
I would strongly advice that you tried to gain your full residency over and above assylum as this will bring you many more opportunities. I would suggest that you spoke with a Spanish Lawyer with regards to your personal situation and he should be able to tell you the best way for you to proceed.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 26th Dec 2010
I'm a student in UK and want to fly to spain as a visitor,what shall I do to stay there as permanently, shall I apply for residence permit legally? or shall I apply for assylum seeker?it would be very best if you let me know asap plz.I want to be settle there any way.please let me know any better way to get there.
Shibbir Ahmed - Sat 25th Dec 2010
Rezaei, In the vast majority of circumstances you will need to wait 10 Years before you are eligible for citizenship in Spain - You may like to read further on our Article on this matter by putting "Citizenship" in the search box ( Above, left )
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 7th Oct 2010
Hi: If i buy a business and start it and also open a bank account and pay tax can take residence card and after 5 year can will be a citizen of Spain? Best Regards
Rezaei - Thu 7th Oct 2010
Shey, it sounds like you need to search the Internet for a 'Modelo 790' to download. I believe that there are several types of this, so you should check that it is a Modelo 790 for payment of Residencia fees.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 31st Jul 2010
I finally have all of my documents. And It does sound like a simple process. It really does get tricky in places. I now need to find the form to go into the bank to pay my fee. I was told that I only needed the stamped and dated form. This is not true, as it does not have the banking information on it. Can you help me to obtain this particular form to allow me to finish this process???
Shey Buehler - Fri 30th Jul 2010
Wahid, there are a number of forms whereby you can apply for Spanish Residency - the one you need to complete depends upon your personal circumstances. If you go to ( The Spanish Ministry website ) - drop the URL through Google Translate, and then select the "Foreigners" option. This should explain things in more detail for you.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 28th Jun 2010
Hi, I read the forum but I don't understand how to apply for the paper arraigo - can you explain if it is possible to pay the fees to the bank without contrato because before I buy one contrato and was cheated. I don't trust anybody here now! - If i pay direct bank fees this is better for me if this possible you explain me how need the proof for this.
Wahidpk - Sun 27th Jun 2010