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Getting Employment in Spain

- Updated: 12/01/2011
Getting Employment in Spain

Whilst all EU nationals have the right to find employment in spain without a work permit, finding employment may not prove to be easy if you are outside of the major towns and cities, or away from the tourist hotspots and do not speak any Spanish.

Working for an employer based in Spain

In order to obtain a work contract with a spanish employer, you will need to obtain a NIE number first. to get the same rights as a spanish employee you will need a work contract that is at least 6 months in duration.

You must then register with the spanish security office (seguridad social) and for this you will need to take your work contract and NIE. Any spouse, partner or child is also entitled to medical cover.

Working for a uk employer in Spain

If you go from the uk to work in Spain for a uk employer, having been previously resident in the UK, and expect to spend no more than 12 months there, you would normally continue to pay employee’s class 1 National Insurance contributions in the UK. In all other circumstances spanish social security contributions as an employee would be payable. To access the Spanish state healthcare you should obtain form E106 from the Department for Work or the Inland Revenue in the UK.

Comment on this Article

Can you help re wages and Spanish Nominas and contracts please . I have been with my employer for over a year - had 2 six month temporary contracts and now awaiting my full time permanent contract but the account keeps making excusses saying we do not get a copy - I know this to be a lie - How do I stand and can i refuse to work until i get my contract . Secondly - My nominas were fine but in November 2015 , I had a pay rise and hour increase - but my nomina is still showing the old details. Again the Account my Boss uses says he is dealing with it - but we still have not had them updated. Is there any one we can contact to get the corect paperwork without losing our jobs - My boss just tell us to shut up about the subject and is not interested and says she can not be bothered and for us to contact her accountant. Please help we are based in Torrevieja, Alicante. Regards
Wendy - Tue 29th Dec 2015
Hi, can you please name few Recruitment Agencies specifically in Valencia and Madrid where they assist applicants to work outside Spain. Thanks.
Adrian - Mon 20th Oct 2014