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State Subsidised Holidays For Pensioners

State Subsidised Holidays For Pensioners

It is far from being a Spanish state secret, but many Expat Pensioners living here in Spain are often unaware of the fact that they are entitled to a yearly holiday, subsidised by the Spanish Government.

Those claiming a Pension have the entitlement to take advantage of such subsidised / Sponsored Holidays regardless of their nationality, on the condition that they officially have residential status here in Spain.

The Scheme in question is referred to as an "Imerso" Holiday, and we at Tumbit asked the experts at Abaco Connect to tell us what we all need to know :

What is Imserso?

During the off-peak season, from October to June, cheaper holidays are made available to all pensioners resident in Spain.

There are a number of different destinations available from mainland Spain to the Balearics, Canary Islands and Portugal. The holiday can be between 8 to 29 days long and includes full board at three to four star hotels.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is available to those who are :

* Resident in Spain

* Over the age of 65

* Aged 55 or over and receiving a widow's pension

* Aged 60 or over and receiving a government invalidity pension or early retirement pension

You can take a companion with you - and they do not have to be eligible for any of the above conditions.

What does each holiday include ?

* Transport to and from the capital city of the province where you live (for example, Alicante) to the hotel

* Full board in a double or single room (with supplement)

* Group Travel Insurance

* National Health medical attention in the hotel

* Entertainment

* Three or four star hotels

How much will it cost ?

Here are some examples of holidays offered in 2010/2011 :

8 Days in Portugal - €180 per person

10 Days in the Canary Islands - €250 per person

15 Days in Andalusia - €300 per person

29 Days in the Balearics - €560 per person

(How much will it cost you to heat your home this winter ?)

How can I apply ?

All you have to do is complete an application form which includes the following information about you and your companion :

* NIE number

* The type of pension and monthly income you receive

* Your preferred destinations

You will then receive a letter confirming that you have been accepted onto the scheme and giving you your reference number. Once you have this you can go to a participating travel agent and book your holiday, or you can book on line.

Abaco Connect are able to help clients make their Imerso applications and even accompany them to the travel agents to make their reservations. Click above for details.

Comment on this Article

Thanks for your comment - and thanks also to Abaco for proving this information. You can see a more detailed Procedure including links to application forms etc... via the full and original article HERE :
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 22th Jan 2019
Where do I get a application form ?
Jean Hext - Mon 21st Jan 2019
Where do I get the application form?
Phil Mitchell - Sat 10th Sep 2016
Just a question when you receive the reference number is it for life or do you have to reply every year please let me know.
Seamus - Fri 4th Mar 2016
iam a 59yrs and claiming widows pension.iam interested on the holidays, where do i claimer fill in a application. aim in the Coin area, malaga
Elaine Mawer - Thu 3rd Mar 2016
Just a question when you receive the reference number is it for life or do you have to reply every year is it possible that you can send me a email as soon as the form comes available thanks in advance. Seamus.
Seamus - Sat 13th Dec 2014
Seamus : I have done a little more digging... the links below WERE valid, but it looks like the relevant pages on the Imerso website have been suspended as they have reached their quota of subsidised holidays offered for Winter 2014/2015. You might therefore be out of luck for this year - I would expect that the links will be made valid again in the Spring.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 11th Dec 2014
Thanks for the quick reply going to the below email you suggested has not got the form to download or complete online, so if anyone can get the form please email it to me at I have gone around the web sites there is no application form???? Thanks in advance.
Seamus Gerard Donnan - Thu 11th Dec 2014

John / Seamus : Yep, looks like the links have gone wobbly again - unfortunately this is outside our control.... if you copy into your browser (or, if you prefer in English, drop into you should be able to navigate to the relevant pages.

Tumbit - Admin - Thu 11th Dec 2014
I have tried all the web pager and cannot get the IMSERSO form to download or to apply onlne, the 2 web sites I have visited and none of these sites are available to download the the application form what do I do now? is there an address or where do I get the form thanks for your help in advance. Seamus.
Seamus - Thu 11th Dec 2014
Thanks for your reply but I still cannot find the application form tried both links, but not giving up.
John Storry - Fri 19th Sep 2014

John : The English language pages on the Imerso website seem to be having some difficulties at the moment, so the link I posted earlier might be momentarily unavailable. In the might time you can either use the link HERE or HERE - (But you might have to navigate backwards and forwards to find the information you require !)

Linda : Glad to hear that you have been accepted onto the program - we would be grateful if you could share some feedback after you have had your first trip.

Tumbit - Admin - Mon 15th Sep 2014
Yes but how do I get information ie dates and prices?
John F Storry - Mon 15th Sep 2014
Thanks for the reply to my interest in Imerso. I have received acceptance into the scheme and membership number. This is very informative and thank you once again. Linda
Linda Mcbride - Sun 14th Sep 2014
Were can I find the application form for the Imserso holidays
John F Storry - Sun 14th Sep 2014
Linda : The link here will help...
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 21st Apr 2014
Where can I find the application form to fill in for the Imserso holidays.
Linda Mcbride - Mon 21st Apr 2014
Kenneth : The Ministry of Health & Social Services also has a website specifically for " Imerso " - - which has the option for you to select info in English.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 5th Jan 2014
where can I obtain a application form for imerso subsidised holidays
Kenneth Girling - Sat 4th Jan 2014
Terence : Providing you speak a passable level of Spanish you can find all the details you need, including the application form, by clicking the link >> HERE < - if not, then most Gestors will be able to assist you with your application.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 2th Jan 2013
Where do I get the application form ? Thank u.
Terence Bowater - Wed 2th Jan 2013