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How to Reset an Electricity Smart Meter in Spain

How to Reset an Electricity Smart Meter in Spain

Those living in Spain will be all-too familiar with the process of resetting a tripped switch in their electricity supply fuse box for a variety of reasons, however, with the increase in the installation of Smart meters, more people are seeking guidance on what to do in the event of any problem.

With this in mind Tumbit asked Tony Poole from Sparks Electrical Services to give us a definitive explanation of how to reset your smart meter...

"Having too many powerful electrical appliances switched on the same time can cause nuisance power cuts in properties fitted with Smart Meters.

In the past, many properties in Spain with low tariffs have suffered with this nuisance electrical problem. Over the years, some home owners arranged illegal upgrades to combat the situation. Now, with the introduction of new Smart Meters by providers such as Iberdrola, this fraudulent malpractice is no longer possible.

Smart Meters have an in-built kill switch (commonly referred to as an ICP or Power Control Switch) which automatically cuts off the electricity supply if the power consumption exceeds the contracted supply (the amount is stated in kilowats (kW) on the electricity bill or supply contract).

Here is what you should do to restore the electricity supply :

Firstly, reduce the power consumption by switching off some of the appliances in order to allow the ICP to reset.

Next, there is one of two ways to restore the electricity depending on what type of Smart Meter you have.

Method 1 (most common)– Go to the consumer unit

At the consumer unit switch off (down) the main isolator for 10 seconds. Then switch it back on (up). The electricity should be restored.

Method 2 – Go to the meter cupboard

Some Smart Meters are fitted with an ICP reset button. Access the electricity meter cupboard and press the button on your Smart Meter. The electricity should be restored.

Using either method, if the power is not restored, a secondary problem exists.

To avoid nuisance power cuts caused by overloading it will necessary to upgrade the electricity supply.