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NIE Number

- Updated: 09/09/2013

What does it do , Why do I need one and How do I Apply for one ?

NIE Number

What is an NIE?

An NIE Number (Number Identification de Extranjeros) is an Identification number/Certificate, similar to the UK National Insurance Number, that is issued by the Spanish Authorities to identify foreigners and to allow them to live their lives as easily as possible in Spain. Spanish Nationals have a similar number, but this is called the DNI.

If you are planning on buying a Property, Renting a property, opening a Bank account or working in Spain you need to have one, as simple as that.

This should be your very first task when you are thinking about moving to Spain.

What is it for?

It is basically a means so that the Spanish Authorities can verify who you are, that you are in the country legally, and that you are not involved in any illegal activities. You will often be asked to produce your NIE under some of the following circumstances...

  • Buying a Property
  • Buying a Car
  • Working as an employee or self employed
  • To obtain a phone line or a contract mobile phone
  • Electricity Account
  • Opening a Bank Account

How do I apply for one?

Most Police Stations in the Larger Towns will have a Foreigners Department. You need to turn up in person and bring the following documentation ...

  • Your passport with a photocopy
  • 2 passport sized photographs

It is best to visit early in the morning, and be prepared to wait as sometimes this can be a prolonged experience, and in many cases each Office will have a certain quota of NIE's that they can submit per day. If you do not speak very good Spanish it is often a good idea to take a Spanish speaking friend with you.

A form in Spanish will be given to you to complete and they will take a photocopy of your. Depending on the particular office, it can take from a few days to a few weeks to process. You need to collect the NIE certificate in person with your passport and the copy given to you. The certificate is a stamped, white A4 size paper document with your name and NIE certificate.

(Keep copies of your NIE Certificate (and also your Passport, Driving Licence and Any Insurance documents) as it is usually difficult to replace this information should you lose it).

If you are not living in Spain this can also be applied for from your nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

What if I lose it?

Basically you will need to repeat the whole process again, so don't !

Where can I get the application form?

You can collect form EX15 to apply for your NIE from your local Tobacos or download it and print it off by clicking this link here - NIE Application Form (PDF format)

When presenting the completed Modelo EX15 you will be given a further form to complete and take to your bank where you can pay the fee, before returning to the Police station to collect your documents. The form required is Modelo 790 Codigo 012 but because it is a carbonised multi-part form (and therefore assumed that it will be completed by hand, as opposed to by a computer's printer, or downloaded from the net) it is only available for collection from the Police Station. Therefore, if you are collecting an EX-14 (as opposed to downloading it) then make sure that you also collect a Modelo 790 Codigo 012 to save time!

Can I get help to do this?

For a small fee a Gestor or Lawyer will usually do this for you. Whilst the process is usually quite simple, it is the waiting around that will cost the Money – Look for a Gestor who is situated close by to the Police Station as it is likely that they will undertake this kind of work regularly and have a Friendly contact at the Station who can speed things along.

Click HERE to read about changes to the NIE procedure applicable from March 2012.

Comment on this Article

I would just be careful if your filling in the forms your self....which I did, got them wrong and after waiting for 5 weeks for my NIE Number appointment went on the day and got sent away!!! In the end I paid a company to do it who I cant recommend enough, and they got me an appointment within 2 weeks. Not sure if links allowed? if not please delete but it was these guys Don't make the same mistake I did lol
Julie - Fri 22th Jun 2018
Kellie, It will probably going to be quicker, cheaper and easier for you to do this when you are actually in Spain, as opposed to trying to arrange something from abroad. Strictly speaking, this is not possible, although 'specialist agencies' claim to be able help for a sizeable fee. Research the closest Police Station with a Foreigners Department to where you will be staying, and which paperwork you need to take, and set aside a morning in order to arrange this in person as soon as you arrive.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 3rd Apr 2015
Hi I am a 20 year old women who is going to work aboard in June 2015 in ibiza and I was looking for information on where to get a NIE number in Dublin and how do I apply for one Thank you Kellie
Kellie O Keeffe - Wed 1st Apr 2015
But the bottom of this form says it's an EX14 not EX15
Chris - Sun 9th Nov 2014
Eric : Obviously, the NIE form has to be submitted in Spanish, but if you require a translation into English for guidance in completing the form correctly, you can drop the URL to the link to form into Google Translate and then select "Spanish > English" and it will do this for you. Simples...
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 10th Oct 2014
Very Helpfull, how about a translation for the ex18 form, regards Eric
Eric - Thu 9th Oct 2014
B.Nico : I had to go to Almeria city for mine in December 2010. Don't think it has changed since then, If you had one previously, why do you need another ? It lasts forever doesn't it ?
Louise - Sat 12th Oct 2013
Can I get a NIE number directly in Roquetas de Mar? Almeria Province Previously I could get one in El Ejido now they tell me I have to go to Almeria City. Does anyone know if this is correct?
B. Nico - Thu 10th Oct 2013
Another thing; a NIE does not need renewing, unless you change address, in which case it does because your address is printed on the NIE.
Paul Attard - Thu 3rd Oct 2013
I changed my NIE recently from the A4 size paper to the size of a plastic card (tarjeta). All the 'new' one shows is: your nationality your age your address In other words, the same as before. I don't think it worth changing it for the card size as I did; the card NIE isn't even plastic-protected. It also cost €10.40 to do it a 1 hour wait at Policia!! I keep the new one in the file at home & carry in my wallet a plasticized- reduced-to -a- tarjeta-sized copy of the old A4 one in my wallet instead. I've never ever heard of having to renew it.
Paul Attard - Tue 1st Oct 2013
Louise : I am happy to be proved wrong here, but as far as I am aware the dealer is in the wrong here. If he wanted proof of address you could have supplied any other document - many NIE's don't even show an address anyway.
Mr Grumpy - Tue 1st Oct 2013
Hi Mr Grumpy, Thnx for your reply. When I bought my car, the dealer insisted in putting it in the address of solicitor because that was what was on my NIE, although I had showed him my escritura. My car still isn't registered at my address, and I pay my road tax to Roquetas de Mar although I live in El Ejido. I am thinking of buying a new car and don't want the problem to happen again.
Louise - Tue 1st Oct 2013
Louise : I'm trying to think of a situation where this might be a problem for you, but can't. Most NIE's don't even have an address listed on them anyway. Why can't you just keep it as it is ?
Mr Grumpy - Tue 1st Oct 2013
My NIE is in the previous address of my solicitors. Whilst it wasnt a problem when they were there, they have moved over 200 kms away, and I am left with an NIE with an address of "i dont know who". My solicitor wont get it changed for me without me paying them a fortune. How do I go about changing the address myself, and what do I need apart from my passport and Escitura ?
Louise - Mon 30th Sep 2013
I recieved my NIE number in 2008 & have been told I need to renew it - Can I go to the cultural centre to renew it or do I have to go to the police station again also my NIE number starts with a Y is this ok ?
Julie Fay - Sun 28th Jul 2013
I lived in gran canaria 2000-2005 and had a residency and a NIE number but unfortunately in a fire I lost can I get these back when I return to live there October 2013 ?
Warren Corbett - Wed 26th Jun 2013
Don't know if this helps, but I wrote this few months ago for people married with Spaniards. For me it was kind of nightmare... All the best!!!
Toni - Mon 31st Dec 2012
how much is it to replace a stolen nie number?
Jade - Sun 9th Sep 2012

Christopher : If you click on the link HERE it may help you (However, please note that this would be for guideline purposes only )

Tumbit - Admin - Wed 25th Apr 2012
could someone please help me, is it possible to have the EX15 NIE number form translated, any help would be gratefully recieved
Christopher Oats - Wed 25th Apr 2012
I read all about the comment below of Filipinos would like to know where to obtain Foreigner's ID number. I am one of them I am also a Filipino my agent get me place to work i IRELAND while work visa still on process they advise me to obtain Foreigner's ID number they suggest to search the Spanish Migration Authrotiries. Wondering what embassy where can apply?I am confused base on the comments below i am thingking if this real true or fake? Please give basis in my doubt.
Jacquelyn - Thu 1st Mar 2012
Good advice and a useful site, Paul. I have made the link clickable for the benefit of future visitors.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 29th Jan 2012
Paul Attard - Sat 28th Jan 2012
I have 2 yrs experience in uk as care assistant in nursing home - and at present I'm here in the Philipines, but want to work in Soain. Do I need to an NIE in order that I can work in spain ?
Maria Sanchez - Sat 28th Jan 2012
Hi, I am a Spanish national, living here in the UK, but my DNI card has expired, can I have it renewed at the Spanish Embassy here in London? Please advise me. Thank you. Jose
Carol Boggs - Fri 27th Jan 2012
I want to ask if how can I obtain a NIE because I was here in Taiwan now working but I am a Filipino and planning to work their in Spain. Where can I get that NIE and is there a need to get it before I can go to spain? or I will just get it when I arrive in spain? Thank you so much and i hope you can help me.
Christyl Tangonan - Sun 30th Oct 2011
Ebai : Unless you have a firm offer of employment waiting for you here in Spain I would recommend that you applied for your NIE number (Using the procedure detailed above) when you are actually here on the ground. The difficult part for you here, as a Non-EU Citizen will be actually fining work, or securing a visa to remain here beyond 90 days if you have not been successful in finding work by that time.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 30th Aug 2011
Plse I would like to know where I can apply for NIE number in South Africa, I am in intending to come to Spain to take up employment. Thank You
Ebai Walter Akpo - Tue 30th Aug 2011
Unless she is coming here to buy property or find work / Study, she is unlikely to require an NIE number - think of it as a tax identification number that allows you to enter into financial contracts such as buying or renting a property, buying a car or getting a monile phone or opening a bank account.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 24th Aug 2011
My daughter is working as nursing care assistant in uk and she wants to go to spain for at least 2 weeks what is she going to do first befor going to spain ?
Maria Sanchez - Wed 24th Aug 2011
Liza : Your NIE number should have been issued on a White A4 Sheet of Paper with Black bold type, headed by the Ministry of the Interior official crest, and with your NIE number itself shown in bold in a box about 3/4 of the way down the page. It should have been stamped and dated by the Foreigners office where you applied for it.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 16th Aug 2011
Have to supply my nie original certificate to the gestoria in order to transfer car I have recently bought in to my name. I have property and much paper work was supplied by my solicitor on purchase but I have searched and can't seem to find just a white piece of paper - does it have any heading on it - is it stamped by any one??
Liza Jones - Tue 16th Aug 2011
Ulrich : There are no restrictions at all in obtaining ther NIE number as it is a requirement that works independantly of the 'Residencia' and other visa requirements
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 14th Aug 2011
Ulrich Schell - Sun 14th Aug 2011
Frank : Your Agent is being Lazy - surely you can see from the flood of similar comments (below) that Spain IS NOT Ireland and therefore we have no knowledge of the procedure. Your agent should be acting in your interests rather than giving you inappropriate information like this.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 25th Jul 2011
I am in the process of acquiring a job in Ireland and my agent has advise me to obtain a National Insurance Number from Spain. I am in Ghana and l cannot come in person may you assist me.My recruitment Agency in UK email address is (
Frank Osei - Mon 25th Jul 2011
having got my NIE number when we moved here, it is no longer a plastic card, but an A4 sized single document with your NIE number on. One is supposed to carry it everywhere, even if you go to a recycle bin down the road, in the event that you are stopped by the police & need to identify yourself. Personally I don't of course bother, but what is useful is to have that A4 NIE document reduced on a photocopier to a plastic card size, so that at least your NIE number is visible, & then have it laminated, so that it fits in your wallet.
Paul Attard - Fri 22th Jul 2011
Im sorry however,can i get the same document in Ireland,through other means without physically going there?
Albert Ncube - Sun 17th Jul 2011
What about for foreigners,will i have to go personally or there are other means of securing that number without going there?
Albert Ncube - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Albert : This has nothing to do with Spain then has it ? - If you search through the previous comments placed below you will see that countless people from the Phillipines have asked this question, they may have an answer for you.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 17th Jul 2011
I am planning to go to Ireland and has been advised by my agent to do a research on obtaining a National Insurance Number.I am in a far country and cannot come in person may you assist me to obtain this number i will meet the fees
Albert Ncube - Sun 17th Jul 2011
Jennifer : the costs involved in obtaining this number really depend on whether you will be doing this for yourself (in which case just a small adminsitration charge is made of around 18 Euros) OR whether you will need some asistance in doing this. If you instruct a Gestor or Lawyer to help with this you may incur fees that can and do vary from area to area. If you speak a passable amount of Spanish it is often a good idea to ask a lawyer to prepare your application and make an appointment for you - but to submit the application yourself. If you do this you may expect a cost of around 60 Euros per person.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 29th Jun 2011
Do we need to pay for this national insurance number? My agent just advised me to get research about this. I'm wondering how to get this one, what are the requirements, and are we the ones that have to process this thing ?
Jennifer - Wed 29th Jun 2011
@christopher- if your job intermediary is from london,or anywher in UK,dont believe them,i was a victim recently,i was at your stage trying to find on how to obtain this bullshit number when i found out that this irtermmediary is all fake,i have paid some amount already,but it was too late. intermmediary is fake,its a long term scam,for more info u can ask me through ..dont be another victim guys!
Raymund Rodriguez - Wed 4th May 2011
Christopher : Which part of the Phillipines or Ireland is in Spain exactly ? - Sorry to be sarcastic, but if you had bothered to even read any of the previous comments on this subject (below) you would have found your answer...
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 4th May 2011
Dear Sir/Madam; Greetings! I am Christopher SJ. Pedrasa from Philippines. I applied a job in Ireland but my intemmediary/recruiter asked me to obtain a National Insurance Number. The recruiter cited Spain as a good model for having and providing the National Insurance Number. They even advised me to start my research from this country. How can I apply and obtain a National Insurance Number from Spain without ant personal appearance? Please provide me guidelines and proper procedures for this if there is any. Thank you so much for a good consideration..Sincerely yours, Christopher SJ. Pedrasa
Christopher Sj. Pedrasa - Wed 4th May 2011
Dear Sir/Madame: Greetings! I am Ms. Jacqueline P. Gingino from the Philippines and I am applying for a job in Europe and my recruiter asked me to apply for a National Insurance Number, can you please provide me information as to whom I could apply th said insurance. Thank you very much for any kind assistance given. Yours truly, Jacqueline P. Gingino
Jacqueline P. Gingino - Mon 4th Apr 2011
I am sorry for my comments and reaction,I'm just getting a little bit afraid after reading all the comments of filipinos regarding the national insurance number because I think I am one of them. Thank you.
Bernard T. Rosaluna - Fri 18th Mar 2011
Do you think our agent or our job intermediary made fool at us Filipinos?
Bernard T. Rosaluna - Fri 18th Mar 2011
Very informative and beneficial
Mr I Papple - Sun 13th Mar 2011
Jocel, please can you AND ANY OTHER FILIPINOS read the previous comments (below). This is a website concerning SPAIN and has nothing at all (in the slightest) to do with either IRELAND or The PHILLIPINES.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 3rd Mar 2011
Dear sir, I'm a Filipino citizen and applied a work in Ireland through job intermediaries,they recommend spain as a model on how to obtain a national insurance number,but then i dont know how to start,can I apply for that online? where do i start? thanks and god bless
Jocel Romero - Thu 3rd Mar 2011
Raymund, Thanks for coming to our site and thanks for your message. We get a lot of very similar questions on this topic, but unfortunately we have no knowledge at all of the Irish system and feel unable to comment on this. If you browse "all previous comments" at the bottom of the page you may find some useful contacts for prople who have been in a similar situation to yourself, or a useulf contact at the Irish Embassy.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 2th Mar 2011
Dear sir, I'm a Filipino citizen and applied a work in Ireland through job intermediaries,they recommend spain as a model on how to obtain a national insurance number,but then i dont know how to start,can I apply for that online? where do i start? thanks and god bless
Raymund Rodriguez - Wed 2th Mar 2011
hola me nombre sanjeev kumar yo vivo en españa antes 2 anyo como yo poede encontrar n.i.f yo soy de INDIA yo no tengo trabajo yo leer todo tu comentes pero itiendo correcto responder me porfavor
Sanjeev Kumar - Mon 21st Feb 2011
Mohd, Just print off a copy of the EX14 form via the link in the above text, and take this, together with the supporting documents to your local Office of the Polica National that has a Foreigners department
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 20th Feb 2011
Dear Sir, my name is Mohd Siraj and nationality is Indian. I have 3 year schengen vist visa and I need NIE number and I have Bank Account in spain in barcelona. How can I get this ? Thx
Mohd Siraj - Sun 20th Feb 2011
"Yes and No" is the right answer. To be brief, your NIE number itself is your for life. The older type certificate (printed on white paper and more than 3 yrs old) doesn't have an expiry date, whilst the newer type certficate - usually printed on yellowish paper - does.
Paul Shaw - Sat 12th Feb 2011
Do you have to renew your nie number ? - I have been told yes and no, please help.
Camille - Sat 12th Feb 2011
If it is a physical card, with your NIE details on the back and an expiry date shown on the other side it sounds like you may be refering to the TIE (Temporary Residents Permit) which is only a requirement for non-EU nationals, and is commonly issued to people in your situation. My understanding is that you can renew this - but I thought that it must be done at least 60 days before expiry ? - and should be done by completing and submiting form EX-01. Of course, this is dependant upon you still having a contract of employment here in Spain.
Mr Grumpy - Fri 21st Jan 2011
Mr. Grumpy - In my case, since I'm doing a practicum in Spain, my NIE card does has an expiration date. And I am expected to renew the card each year that I stay in Spain doing my practicum, I'm not trying to renew the NIE number, just the card (which is already expired) which is allowing me to stay here another to study.
Key - Fri 21st Jan 2011
The NIE number does not have an expiry date on it. Are you confusing it with your residence visa ?
Mr Grumpy - Fri 21st Jan 2011
I'm an American. If I have an expired NIE and am currently living in Spain, how can I RENEW the expired NIE? I keep seeing posts about how it is NOT possible to renew a NIE once it has expired. If that is the case, do I need to apply for a visa in the USA and go through the NIE process again? I understand that I will ALWAYS have the same NIE number. I'm just trying to get it renewed since I will be here for another year.
Key - Thu 20th Jan 2011
Thanks! After waiting for 6 hours I think a Gestor is the way to go . Jacquie
Jacquie - Thu 13th Jan 2011
Jacquie, an Abogado or Gestor will always be able to simplify and speed up the process for you (obviously at a cost) - your residential status may also be an issue here. If you advise me your general area of where you are intending to be based here in Spain I would be happy to recommend a Lawyer who can better advise you.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 13th Jan 2011
Hello anyone that can help. I am an American married to a German and we were married in Denmark and the officials are giving us grief regarding a NIE # for me . My husband already has his and was able to be processed in 24 hrs. I know that I have another status but they aren`t being helpful Should I get legal assistance ? Thanks ,
Jacquie - Thu 13th Jan 2011
where can I get my National Insurance Number?Im presently residing in the Phil. and i am required to have this number for a job offer in Ireland.Whom can I ask assistance.pls. help me...
Reynaldo Ojales - Thu 13th Jan 2011
Thanks alot was a great help!!!!
Jacquie - Mon 10th Jan 2011
do we need to pay this national insurance number?my agent just advise me to get research about wondering how to get this one,wat r the requirements,and are we the one have to processthis thing?pls response
Cherryl - Wed 29th Dec 2010
To Tumbit Management....inbehalf of Filipinos(whose seeking help for NIN).I apologize for the disturbances we've caused you.I'm sorry again and I thank you for helping us.
Luzbern - Mon 22th Nov 2010
This now appears to be some kind of sick joke at my expense. I am loosing all patience with any Phillipino wishing to find out how he or she can do whatever legal process in any country that isn't Spain. Please go elsewhere, or failing that learn how to use a search engine properly. Typing the words 'Ireland' as opposed to 'Spain' may help you.....
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 21st Nov 2010
where can I get my National Insurance Number?Im presently residing in the Phil. and i am required to have this number for a job offer in Ireland.Whom can I ask assistance.pls. help me...
Myra Baes - Sun 21st Nov 2010
Whilst all Phillipinos (wishing to work in Eire or otherwise) are more than welcome on our site, we would be grateful if your comments could be kept relevant to Spain....
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 21st Nov 2010
I mean ineligeble occupation
Luzbern - Sun 21st Nov 2010
bernadette this is Luz,Yah you are right!..I've search thru net that Ireland Government does'nt issue working permit to illegible occupation like clerical,office staff..etc...and we belong to that category! it's impossible for us to get that working permit I guess...
Luzbern - Sun 21st Nov 2010
kaye_pink27 <-===my YM!
Kaye - Sat 20th Nov 2010
kaye, did you pay for the60 euros? did you made some research abt your recruiter? kindly post your email add here so that we could talk some more... tnx
Badette - Sat 20th Nov 2010
jonjon and kaye, same story goes to all of us. I paid 32 euros too. I took a lot of research and found out that it is too good to be true. I even made a intl call to irelands concerned grp to investigate abt the process of obtainig nin but it is to obtain personally and theres no other way to get it. so after thorough investigation i just stop coz their asking for money again... better think twice. I even called the French embassy re the matter... and the verdict? beware of the internet scams coz real and legitimate agencies do not collect any single penny....
Badette - Sat 20th Nov 2010
Phil, our understanding is that you can apply for an NIE for your absent family members if you have Power of Attourney to act on their behalf and all of the required paperwork is notarised in advance.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 19th Nov 2010
Having to go back to Spain shortly. To try to get another NIE as I handed my original over to get my Residencia certificate (and they kept my old Tarjeta which annoyed me 'cos some people they do and some they don't). Over 6 months since my mother died so will pay penalties on inheritance tax. Do you think I could apply for my 4 brothers and step-sister too if I have the filled in forms and photo copies of their passports. Used to live in Torrevieja and the police station there are very helpful (compared to most official offices I've encountered in Spain!). Keep up the good work you are really helpful and I'm not just saying that as I lived in Spain for 6 1/2 years and the bureaucracy is unbelievable. I found that the NIE was probably the easiest as they want it so that they can give you a tax number! Phil. ( I sent an earlier post in August).
Philip Elsen - Fri 19th Nov 2010
jon-jon...i used brightcove to prepared my NIN...and now i am waiting for the result of my application :)
Kaye - Fri 19th Nov 2010
Please note : Spain and Eire are 2 completely seperate and Independant countries. You are NOT going to find any answers to your problems on a forum that is specifically concerning SPAIN.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 19th Nov 2010
Luzbern and Bernadeth we all have the same problem how to get NIN who is your recruiter best consult_1 Elizabeth lee? did the bright cove collect 32 euro then 16.50euro for the courrier? you can add me or send me a message because i think its imposible to use Spain NIN when your going to work in ireland Dublin. Is this the addres of your employer Campagne, The Arches, 5 GasHouse Lane Kilkenny, Ireland and the salary is 2,800 euro a month? just email me im jon same phil. :)
Jon-jon Evangelista - Fri 19th Nov 2010
Luzbern, Bernadette, everybody else - Tumbit is a website concerning SPAIN - not Eire or indeed the Philippenes - perhaps anothet site could better advise you. Secondly. please take a second to look at the research that I took the time to do in order to answer your question, below ....
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 16th Nov 2010
Good Day!-This also my concern If how can I obtaint NIN...My future job is in Dublin Ireland and my job agent request me to obtain these (NIN)from Spain.Can I request it thru internet?Kindly enlighten mw bout these?thank you!
Luzbern - Tue 16th Nov 2010
Bernadette...we have same problem about NIN..i am working soon in dublin also from philippines! :) can i ask something?? sa net ka lng ba nag appLy ng work in ireland??!
Kaye - Mon 15th Nov 2010
Bernadette, the short answer is that I would have no idea how to do this, and could not confirm if the Irish model bore any remblance to the Spanish model or not. - I would recommend that you made contact with the people, below, who would be in a better position to help you : Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service Department of Justice and Law Reform 13/14 Burgh Quay Dublin 2 Telephone 353 1 616770)
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 25th Oct 2010
Hi! - May I just inquire on how I can get a national insurance number? My job intermediaries abroad informed me that I have to obtain that before I begin working legally in the country that I am about to start working in. (Dublin, Ireland) I am a resident of the Philippines and I really don't have an idea on how to obtain it. My job agent told me that the best model country to get the national insurance number is in Spain. Could you please help me get through with this for I know it is a crucial one just like the process of working visa... Please let me know how to get an NIN being a resident of the Philippines soon to start working in Ireland. Thank you!
Bernadette Carandang - Mon 25th Oct 2010 just asking..i need to have an national insurance number because i will work in ireland can i get my NI?? plz..answer my question asap!! i need your help.. thank you :)
Kaye - Mon 18th Oct 2010
Phil, I would expect that sight of your original residencia certificate would suffice as this not only clearly states your NIE number, but also prooves your residential status here in Spain. If not, I suspect that it will awakward as you will more than likely have to apply for a new NIE all over again.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 5th Aug 2010
I recently renewed my residencia and accidently handed in my one and only NIE certificate. Can I just use my residencia certificate for any legal transactions as my Mother has just died and we need to get the will read. I am now back in the UK and that is where my mother died. That has made everything difficult as we have had to get her death certificate translated, Hague Apostled and Notarised over here
Phil - Tue 3rd Aug 2010
Afatb, you should first of all read this article on how to Apply for Residential Status as a NON - EU Citizen which will tell you how to go about this.
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 28th Jul 2010
Hi, I'm Afatb from Pakistan and i'm living in Spain illegaly, but I want to live and work here in Spain but I dont have NIE OR DNI - How it is possible to make me legal in spain ? plzz help me i'm waiting for your answer.
Aftab Ahmed - Wed 28th Jul 2010
Tara, an NIE number should be stated on the following documents : Bank books & statements, padron & residencia certificates, SIPS Healthcards, Property title deeds or rental contracts, contracts of employment, SUMA or Municpal tax bills, Mobile phone & Utility bills. The only way to check for certain if their Social security contributions were made is to contact the social security office in the area closest to where they were registered to work to ask the question. I would suggest that they did this before returning to Spain as in certain cases they could still be liable to pay this, even though they believed that it was being done on their behalf.
Tumbit - Admin - Sat 17th Jul 2010
Hi, my parents lived in Spain about 7 years ago and for the first year of work they paid social security to their employers but it would seem that the employers never paid it in. If they wish to return what can be done about this and how can they find out if it is still to be paid and what their nie number is as they have lost it? I would really appreciate any help you can give me on this matter. Many Thanks Tara
Tara - Sat 17th Jul 2010
Ana / Ahmed - as Non-EU citizens it may benefit you to read Apply for Residential & working Status as a NON - EU Citizen
Tumbit - Admin - Wed 23rd Jun 2010
Hi,is it posible to convert my schengen visa to a residents visa here in spain? I'm from the Philippines, but have worked before in Denmark which is why I have a schengen visa. Now I'm here in Spain I want to work here legally. Thanks
Ana Valdez - Sun 20th Jun 2010
Ahmed, as a non-EU citizen you should have applied for both an NIE and Work Visa before entering Spain. However, in order to try and legitimise your stay you should go to the Foreigners' Office (Oficinas de Extranjeros) or to the provincial labour offices (Direcciones Provinciales de Trabajo, Seguridad Social y Asuntos Sociales) where they will look into your case and offer you help to remain legally within the country.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 15th Jun 2010
Hi, i'm Ahmed from Pakistan and i'm living in Spain illegaly and i want to live and work here in Spain but I dont have NIE OR DNI - How it is possible to make me legal in spain ? plzz help me i'm waiting for your answer.
Ahmed - Tue 15th Jun 2010
Marnette, If I understand you correctly you are NOT looking for a Spanish NIE number, but instead a UK National Insurance Number ? - If that IS the case then you should contact Jobcentre Plus in the UK on 0845 600 0643. If you are asking about the Spanish NIE number, and are applying from Ireland I would recommend that you completed the form EX14 (above) and searched for a Lawyer based here in Spain who you could give Power of Attourney to apply on your behalf. It may cost you a few hundered Euros, but will ensure that the procedure is carried out quickly, easily and correctly.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 25th May 2010
I am having trouble getting the NI Number.I am applying to be a caregiver in the Ave Maria Nursing Home in Ireland and my recruiter told me to get one. Please help me get my NI number since it is a vital requirement for my application. I need your help how to get it. Pls. know that I am sincerely waiting for your kind attention. Thank you
Marnette Torredes - Tue 25th May 2010
Hasina, In order to buy a property in Spain you will need to have an NIE number. If you then intend to stay in Spain for more than 90 days at any one time you will also need to apply for a Residency permit (make sure you complete the 'non-EU' application form) - you can read the process by clicking on "Legal Formalities" under our "How to" guides to the left of the screen.
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 29th Apr 2010
I Would like to buy a house in Spain, but currently live in Bangladesh. If I buy a house in Spain can I live there permanently?
Hasina Akter - Wed 28th Apr 2010
I managed to get my NIE number - Many thanks for your earlier advise.
Dimitrina - Sun 11th Apr 2010
Lynda, if you speak to a Spanish Lawyer ( either in the UK or in Spain ) you may find that they are able to do this all by proxy for you. This is done by you giving them power of attourney to act on your behalf which is witnessed by a Notary local to you in the UK. As you might expect it is a much more expensive process which costs around 200 Euros per applicant and costs can add up if you doing this for a family.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 11th Apr 2010
Still having a problem getting NIE numbers from the Spanish Emb. in London. You need an appointment yet it is impossible to get through on the telephone, no one answers! Looks as if you have to travel up to London to queue just to get an appointment. No reply received from emails to them. Have you any suggestions, you were so helpful before! Lynda
Lynda Kiss - Sun 11th Apr 2010
Veronica Ruiz - Sat 10th Apr 2010
Dimitrina, I would suggest that you start by Googling "Canadian Embassy in Spain" - their website has a detailed visa application section.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon 22th Mar 2010
I am bulgarian, who living in Spain, i would like to know how can i apply for a Canadian visa - with my pasport or with my NIE. Thank you
Dimitrina - Mon 22th Mar 2010
Pauline, I have checked with the Spanish Ministry website this morning and the form is still current.
Tumbit - Admin - Fri 19th Mar 2010
I have tried to download the NIE application form. Is this information up to date? thanks
Pauline - Fri 19th Mar 2010
Many thanks for your prompt reply to my email and for enabling me to download the EX14 form. Your website is extremely useful and I will pass on the information to my friends.
Lynda Kiss - Sun 14th Feb 2010
Lynda, - A great point ! - You will see I have just added a link into the above article where you will now be able to download the required EX14 form.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 14th Feb 2010
How can I obtain NIE number forms for my children to complete. I understand they can be submitted to the Embassy in London to get the numbers but the forms have to be obtained in Spain. My son lives in Boston USA and two live in England.
Lynda Kiss - Sat 13th Feb 2010