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Registration of a Child Born in Spain in the UK

- Updated: 04/12/2012
Registration of a Child Born in Spain in the UK

If you have relocated to Spain and have a baby it is compulsory for you to register the birth with the Spanish authorities. This can be done at the Civil Register Office nearest to the place of birth of the child by one of the child's parents. You need to register in the first 8 days - although this can be extended to 30 days if there is a good reason for this being the case.

If you are from the UK you may also want to register the birth in the United Kingdom - this is not compulsory but it does make sure that a permanent record is kept at the General Registry Office in the UK,obviously in English. Your first step is to contact the Passports and Nationality section of the British Consulate-General in Madrid.

To register the birth of your child, first download and complete the application form from their website for the registration of a birth and send it to the British Consulate General - you will need to include the appropriate fees and the following original documents:

  • The Child's Full Spanish birth certificate, showing names of both parents ( The certificado literal de nacimiento, not the Libro de Familia). You get a copy from the local Register Office where you registered the birth of your child.
  • Parents' birth certificates.
  • If both parents are British, you need to send their full UK Birth Certificates (the one which gives details of their parents).
  • If one of the parents is NOT British, you need to send the local birth certificate of this parent or copy of his/her passport/DNI.
  • If any of the parents were granted British nationality, you need to send the original Certificate of Registration or Naturalisation.
  • Parents' full marriage certificate
  • Photocopies of parents' passport
  • If either parent was previously divorced, the divorce decree

You should also send a photocopy of each original and make sure that you send all the important information by recorded delivery as it would be very complicated to get replacements if the documents were lost.

If you want to register the birth of a child where the parents are not married things get a little more complicated!

  • A child born after 01.01.1983, is entitled to British Citizenship if the mother was born in the United Kingdom.
  • From 01.07.2006 a British father does not have to be married to the mother of their child in order to be able to pass on their nationality. So the birth of any child born in Spain to a British father on or after 01.07.2006 can be registered. You will need to any send the childís full Spanish birth certificate, the fatherís full UK birth certificate, and the motherís passport, DNI or birth certificate. Children born before 01.07.2006 do not benefit from this new legislation..

Comment on this Article

I have a 2 year old daughter who was born in Alicante i am enhlish mumbis lithuanian,we no longer have any contact or any details of her birth only a picture of the libro de famalia, my daughter now lives in the uk with my self and her step sister (mums elder daughter) not my biological daughter, can o register my daughter for english passport as she has a lithuanian passport, any advice appreciated
A Wilson - Thu 20th Apr 2017
I am a british national living in Spain since 2009. I had a son with a Spanish national in 2012 and I would like to obtain a British passp?rt for my son to make it easier for us to travel to the Uk as I often have problems travelling with his Spanish NIE as ther mother is not present. we don?t have contact with the mother. Is it still possible to get a British passport for my son?
Keith Watson - Thu 14th Apr 2016
My partner and I have lived in the canary islands for 20 years. We have residencia & are autonomo. Our son was born here and is 7 now. He has a British passport but needs DNI to get state training as he is showing talent in judo and they want to train him for nationals. Can he get a DNI or Spanish citizenship/passport without losing his british one ? Thank you
Claire - Sun 9th Nov 2014
My wife and I are both parents and our baby girl was born in Tenerife on the 13/06/2014. Our little girl was in hospital and we didn't know there was a 30 day registration period (we are first time parents) we are now going through the motions of an 'out of date' or 'over due' registration, therefore she doesn't have a birth cert. we want to move back to the UK but cannot get a passport without a birth cert. can anyone help?? Thanks
Mykal Jones - Wed 23rd Jul 2014
my child was born in spain 3 yrs ago i myself am british as is the father, the problem is i have no contact due to domestic violence. Therefore how do i register my child without the fathers passport or birth certificate . I have legal custody
Brittrappedesp - Wed 2th Apr 2014
i had a baby in Spain 4 years ago and the father was not present at the time. Now they are back in England together how does she get the fathers name on the birth certificate?
Michaela Bailey - Thu 30th May 2013
My daughter had a baby in Spain 4 years ago and the father was not present at the time. Now they are back in England how does she get the fathers name on the birth certificate?
Kerry Lord - Wed 1st May 2013
Thanks for the nudge - Sloppy journalism is my guess, no excuses. I am more concerned about how you get Internet access from the confines of your cell in Corcoran prison ?
Tumbit - Admin - Sun 4th Jul 2010
You've missed the apostrophes in the last paragraph; any reason why? child's father's mother's
Charles Manson - Sun 4th Jul 2010