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Can I register my UK Caravan in Spain ?

- Updated: 04/04/2011

Caravaning is very British hobby, and one that is particuarly suited to the Spanish climate, however, after being here for 6 months you will need to think about legally registering your caravan in Spain.

Can I register my UK Caravan in Spain ?

Unlike in the UK towed vehicles including caravans have to be registered seperately to the towing vehicle and if it is over 750Kg in weight it will need to show a red number plate. Each caravan or trailer is treated as a unique vehicle and has to undergo inspections by a specialist team, similar to the ITV (Mot) for other vehicles.

If you are planning on bringing your UK caravan to Spain, after 6 months has passed it should be legally imported if you are planning on moving it from one place to another on the roads.

Assuming your caravan is over 750Kg, you need to register your caravan with the Jefatura del Traffico to get a set of plates for it. To do this you will need a EU style logbook (ficha tecnica) stating the chassis number, technical specifications, make, model, etc. While most EU caravans made in the last few years will come with this paperwork, anything older will not.

If your caravan does not come with all of the necessary paperwork, you might be able to request an new document from the manufacturer.

In the case of UK caravans, most of the time you will find that when caravans are over 5/6 years old, that you cannot obtain the necessary documentation and must assemble the "ficha tecnica" from scratch, which in most cases is a nigh on impossible task. Also, the construction and style of some makes of UK caravan prohibit them from becoming road legal on Spanish plates (Largely due to the fact that the door is situated on the “wrong side“ of the Caravan)


For more information on importing your caravan onto Spanish plates you should contact a specialised gestoria who will be able to advise you on your particular case. If you should consult with a specialist who also includes the presenting of your caravan to the ITV station, then it is recommended that you check that they are suitably insured.

The very issue of owning a caravan also means that you are also likely to have a tow car on your car. If this should be the case, then you should also research the fact that may cause you problems at your next ITV.

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Comment on this Article

Hi I have the opportunity to buy a English caravan which is under 750Kg . If I put my Spanish car plates on the van can I legally tow the van in Spain Regards Eric A Lucas
Eric Lucas - Sat 30th Mar 2019
Hi, I am thinking of buying a second hand UK caravan and importing to Spain. I have a Spanish registered car in Spain so I know that in order to tow it on the roads which I want to do I need to get it registered plus it will be over 750kg Anyone been through this process and that can offer advice it would be appreciated. The caravan is going to be no older that year 2000 manufacture more likely 2006.
Len Arneil - Thu 26th Apr 2018
How do I de-register our English caravan from red plates. Just sold it to English guy who is taking it back to uk next week.
Peter - Mon 20th Jun 2016
I bought an Eriba Puck from some Dutch friends but the Registration document shows THEIR car number. It is below the weight for Spanish Registration but I have probems when going to Morocco as they want to see documentation. They do not see it as a remolque.
Brenda Potts - Wed 9th Jan 2013
I would strongly advise against doing this. Leaving the cost of transport / Import aside, unless you have your own plot of land you will need to site your Caravan on a park - most of which are totally corrupt and often trading illegally !
C Shaw - Fri 31st Aug 2012
I have just brought a 40ft static caravan which is already sited but I'm not happy there and I would like to move it to Spain. Could you please give me some advice re : what I would have to do ? Thanks
Derek Burford - Tue 28th Aug 2012
If I were in your position I would try and sell your Caravan without going through the hassle of legally importing it. Why not look at marketing it towards Expats returning it to the UK ?
Colin Clark - Sat 25th Aug 2012
I am living in Spain and am selling my Fleetwood caravan (24 ft and 1600 kilos ) - Do I have to have it regsitered in Spain before I can sell it, or can it be towed by a Spanish registered car ? what cost is involved ? Thank you
Vic - Sat 25th Aug 2012

Shirley : My understanding of the matter is that if a Caravan is under 750kg then the same rules apply as with towing a trailer of the same size.

Cick >>HERE<< for details.

In short, it looks like you can not tow it with a Spanish registered vehicle unless you go through the homologation process.

Tumbit - Admin - Tue 21st Aug 2012
Thanks, great information, but what happens when you have a caravan UNDER 750kg? Does it mean that it don't have to be registered, you can just bring an English caravan to Spain and tow it by a Spanish car, if under 750kg
Shirley Gledhill - Mon 20th Aug 2012
Alison : Has the Caravan been imported / re-registered in Spain at all, or is it still in the UK as far as the UK authorities and DVLA are concerned ?
Tumbit - Admin - Thu 12th Jul 2012
What is the procedure of selling a British Caravan in Spain to Spanish people and what does it cost ?
Alison - Thu 12th Jul 2012
can you tell me when selling my caravan with red plate do i have to register transfer of ownership
Dennis - Sat 19th Mar 2011
Hi thankyou I have brought it in the uk its in my name and cris reg, so hopfully no probs lol I live in murcia louise
Louise - Tue 12th Oct 2010
Louise, Which town will you be bringing the caravan to? - You should also check the chassis plate to see if there is an e* number on it. Additionally, you require a receipt or registration document in your name. All of these factors will have an effect on the overall work involved (and therefore cost) in re-registering your caravan.
Tumbit - Admin - Tue 12th Oct 2010
My caravan is German so the door will be on the right side, does anyone know how much it will cost to put spanish plates on ? Thankyou.
Louise - Tue 12th Oct 2010