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Women in Spain earn 17% less than men

Source: AnsaMed - Fri 6th Mar 2015
Women in Spain earn 17% less than men

On International Working Women's Day, the International Labor Organization (ILO) has analyzed the salary gap between men and women in Spain, with revealing results.

By comparing ''comprehensible factors'' like difference in working experience, level of training or industrial sector, with ''unexplainable'' factors that can be attributed to gender difference, the organization estimated that women earn 17% less than men. If ''unaccountable'' factors were to be eliminated, women would earn 2% more, given their education and experience levels.

''If we consider objective factors like the ability of men and women, there should be no salary difference or the difference should be in favor of women, who have a higher level of training than men'', said the director of ILO for Spain, Joaquin Nieto, in statements to the media.

According to an economic report, men in Europe earn on average 19% more than women and the salary discrimination in general is registered worldwide at the same levels recorded at least a decade ago. And the gap gets wider with higher salaries.

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