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Minister confirms AENA interested in operating Corvera Airport

Sat 14th Mar 2015
Minister confirms AENA interested in operating Corvera Airport

Ana Pastor – the Minister of Public Works for the Spanish central government - confirmed that AENA would tender for the operation of Corvera Airport as soon as the regional government of Murcia formally began the process to invite interested parties.

However, the Minister also commented how AENA and the regional and central governments must first agree on the steps to be made for the closure of Murcia's San Javier Airport, which must see an inventory of all assets before all parties can agree upon its value before any compensation can be arrived at.

Sources indicated that negotiations are at an "advanced stage", although there is still doubt cast over the issue of how many of the Airport's 80 direct employees (and several hundred indirect employees) will see their employment transferred from San Javier to Corvera.

One of the conditions being considered is that such employees would not lose their status as public employees – in other words means their labor and wage rights – by transferring from a publically owned to a privately owned airport.

Neither the central or regional government, or AENA have suggested a date for when either negotiations will be completed, or when Corvera Airport is expected to open.

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Comment on this Story

The last date for opening of this white elephant was March 2015 well as March 2015 starts to disappear into the annals of time the barriers on the access road remain firmly in place. People around the Torrevieja / Orihuela Costa area which would provide the main catchment area for this airport prefer San Javier and faced with a longer drive to Corvera than to Alicante with a greater choice of flights and destinations, Corvera will not pull much sway with the public. So just a non-starter and a flop before it even opens!!
David Hudson - Sun, 29th Mar 2015
Hi I currently work at Dublin airport.. I lived in Spain for seven years. How so I apply to work at corvera airport. I'm a fully trained airport passenger service. I work in the security department Regards Androulla
Androulla Charalambous - Sun, 15th Mar 2015
Private airport employing public sector workers ? Only in Spain would this even so much as be considered, and is surely a recipe for disaster - for regional tourism especially, as sooner or later the word 'strike' will become commonplace.
Old Timer - Sun, 15th Mar 2015

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