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Murcia's Corvera Airport Open May' 16, Ryanair Hub ?

Fri 1st May 2015
Murcia's Corvera Airport Open May' 16, Ryanair Hub ?

6 Months : The timescale proposed by both the Regional Government of Murcia and AENA between the opening of Corvera Airport and closure of San Javier Airport.

Whilst it is increasingly unlikely that the official agreement will be officially signed before local and regional elections of May 24, the Ministries of Public Works and Development have both signed a draft copy agreeing to this in principle.

However, it is looking increasingly possible that this will end up having to be renegotiated due to AENA having recently privatized 49% of the previously state-run organization, and with the shareholders demanding a say in investments and infrastructure.

The problem here being that the successful operation of Corvera Airport can not be guaranteed with any certainty until a line can be drawn under the issue of the closure of San Javier Airport.

The Government is suggesting that the issue should be divided into 2 distinct phases : Firstly, a period of 6 months for all contracts to be finalized to bring Corvera Airport into operation. Secondly, a period of 6 months between the opening of Corvera and the gradual transfer of operations from San Javier - in other words (and according to the regional government of Murcia) - Corvera Airport will be fully operational within 12 Months.

The draft agreement further addresses the compensation due to be paid to AENA for the investment made in the second runway and control tower over recent years, with the figure being provisionally placed at EU36 Mln.

However, one small matter that has seemingly gone unaddressed is the issue of who will operate the new facility, with the Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor, remaining "convinced" that there will be sufficient interest, and declaring that 5 companies - including Ferrovial - have already expressed an interest.

Ryanair are also rumoured to be interested in using Corvera Airport as a hub, although this has yet to be either confirmed or denied by the budget airline and may be nothing more than leverage against future negotiations with neighboring Alicante-Elche Airport.

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Comment on this Story

Alan Mackay do we assume you are a resident and if you are the tax payer is paying for this mistake. I am pessimistic with the view that it will open and AENA will be awarded the contract to run the airport. I agree it is sad that paramount never developed into a theme park but the company director for the project died and all the financing was lost. Murcia needs this airport not just for passenger services but as a hub for exporting goods all over the world. Dont worry passengers will still come albeit a few more miles to the coast. For me the new airport is closer to where I live so there are winners and losers
Geoff Hobster - Fri, 8th Sep 2017
This Corvera Airport is complete mess and without the Paramount Theme Park and other proposed developments there is no way it can be financially viable as most Murcian visitors go to the coast. Therefore, the existing Airports at Alicante and San Javier will always be more attractive. 200 million Euros down the drain, I think !
Alan Mackay - Wed, 6th Sep 2017
The difference between SJ and Convera surely is only what 20 min away across how can they charge more ? This is first time since buying my property 2005 in Vera Almeria always having to use Alicante which I hate that's 2 hours away or SJ which I love 1hr 20 min away. I am now able to fly into Almeria 45 mins away :) this year. this is further away from my flight from Edinburgh and I'm paying less that I would if I had chosen to fly into SJ. ?
Irene Mcgrath - Fri, 3rd Mar 2017
150Euros..!!?? What absolute and utter nonsense. From the Airport to LA is 36 Km and takes 30mins. The extra costs for Corvera comes from more expensive tickets, due to: Longer flight times than MSJ, increased landing fees, increased handling fees - and so on. Taxi costs are a red herring.
David - Fri, 3rd Mar 2017
Hi Geoff, the 150 euro comes from the taxi fare to and back from the new airport to my house in Los Alcazares.
Bill North - Fri, 3rd Mar 2017
Bill thats a bold statement but where does the statistics or data come from. And 150 euros extra cost to fly from Alicante or Corvera what a load of poppycock. Do agree about SJA being the best airport in the world more like a bus terminus
Geoff Hobster - Fri, 3rd Mar 2017
It is madness to close San Javier Airport. I travel the world and i have to say that San Javier Airport is the best, most friendliest ans efficient airport which i have visited. If the airport is closed it will make places like Los Alcazares and its local economy suffer in the most severe way. The cost to travel from Alicante or the new airport will put an extra 150 euro onto the cost of a holiday.
Bill North - Thu, 2nd Mar 2017
Figures for October are out and show a 12% growth in passengers for that month vs October 2015. The next few months should show ever larger increases are there are now winter flights that were not available in previous years: East Midlands. Luton, Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin. Irene, hope it's useful for you: jet2 will fly Edinburgh to Almeria once weekly on Thursdays from end of April.
James Scobb - Mon, 14th Nov 2016
James. I was speaking to someone (September))while down at my house. They were on a holiday with Thomas cook and flew into Almeria airport, but it was a package holiday. The woman wanted to buy in the area till I informed her she couldn't fly into Almeria for the moment anyway and Murcia and Alicante were her options. That ruled her out as she didn't drive.
Irene Mcgrath - Tue, 18th Oct 2016
Hate Alicante airport and the 2 hr drive down to Vera, miss San Javier but Edinburgh restarting next year to San J. James, Glasgow doesn't help me it's a 2 to 2 1/2 away from me. I can only keep hoping Edinburgh to Almeria would be a dream. although Convera would be a bigish airport surley it would open up Almeria trade wise, also theme park hopes and again every one that stays in the Almeria area.. I would use Convera before Alicante, why would I want to drive longer to get to my house. this situation is unreal unused airport
Irene Mcgrath - Mon, 22nd Aug 2016
Hi when will this airport open ?? to put Hacienda Del Golf on the world map Don't forget laods of people fly into St Hav to holiday In Almeria Mojacar Vera that's where we lived for years now moving closer to Mercia for shops and Airports that fly every where.
Peter Wright - Mon, 22nd Aug 2016
Well, I hope that if Corvera opens, they can use it to ship veg, as I know many people who would rather use Alicante if San Javier were to close. As for San Javier, we have good news as Ryanair is extending its route with Dublin into the Winter months with 2 weekly flights, and now Manchester 3 times a week! So now Ireland and The North of England will have winter flights, as last Winters has only been London (STN / LGW) and Brighton. I hope that others follow. EMA? Prestwick? (For Irene: I see that this summer you will have a weekly flights from Glasgow to Almeria with Thomas Cook)
James Scobb - Thu, 18th Feb 2016
we are told by a local Spanish business man involved in our community that Corvera will become a massive hub in Murcia for the movement of fresh fruits and vegetables all over Europe and beyond. suppose Corvera is not only about flights for people but about air cargo. I hope this new international airport will be a new kick start for the Paramount Theme Park
Geoff Hobster - Tue, 2nd Feb 2016
The question is whether there will be enough people with houses closer to the new airport than to San Javier or if this closes, to Alicante. In my view it comes down to the people in Torrevieja and South of it who make up a lot of the San Javier users. Those will use Alicante over Corvera when SJ closes, and will make it difficult to make it viable for Corvera flights. Just because they call it "international" does not mean that airlines fly there. There has to be enough demand, and I don't think that this will be sufficient even to attract the same same flight flight that serve San Javier currently. Time will tell.
James Scobb - Tue, 2nd Feb 2016
with my logical head on Corvera will be better for us only half an hour away. But my heart loves San J which is 1 hour away. Suppose in the name of progress the new international airport wins.
Geoff Hobster - Tue, 2nd Feb 2016
The new airport in Corvera would really suit me due to the location of my apartment. If it eventually opens i hope ryanair fly there from Shannon airport. P.S. Does anyone know the best firm for car-hire. I am fed up of all the add-ons when i collect the car at the airport in Spain. Going over in six weeks for sun!
John Crowley - Mon, 1st Feb 2016
I think over the past years I have only used San J once with winter flights from Edinburgh. I can only keep my fingers crossed that between the two airports I can get my flights back and not have to use alicante which is 2 hrs away from me. tomorrow I'm heading over to Almeria, if Hendry allows us to the forth road brigde has been closed to all traffic. will they be flying tomorrow !! as I said a magic wand please.
Irene Mcgrath - Mon, 1st Feb 2016
Hi Irene, I understand your situation, but frankly, what chances are there that airlines will fly to Corvera from Scotland when it opens? I personally think that there better chances of having winter flights from Edinburgh or Glasgow to SJ at some point (just like there will be flights from Dublin this Winter for the first time in years). Corvera has been a distraction actually, as if the Murcia government had not been so headbent on getting on with that white elephant, they might have actually cared to work with airlines to bring in flights to the existing airport -that now has an extra runway so that the military have one for themselves (not that there's much movement their side anyway) As for Almeria, it has lost a lot of flights in recent years. I hope that they recover some of those. Better chance than Corvera too, methinks.
James Scobb - Mon, 1st Feb 2016
As someone the uses and loves San J, I live 1.30 hr south at Almeria so this year have to use alicante grrrr. I am so fed up listening to the talk will it wont it open . I dont really want a bigger airport, but rather that to driving futher up the road to alicante. Can I have a magic wand over this nonesense :) We need this or keep SJ airport to open up it up for more tourists as there is no Scottish flights into almeria or SJ :(
Irene Mcgrath - Sun, 31st Jan 2016
In addition to the Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Murcia-San Javier, the luck of the Irish continues as Ryanar will extend the same route to operate all winter. Only twice a week: Tuesday and Saturday, but that'll be very useful for many people. It will also boost passenger numbers in Winter time that have been falling in the last few years. Hopefully the way is up now - until the stupid region government decide to close San Javier. If instead of spending 22 thousand euros a day on the interest on that load guarantee they have to build Corvera, thy spend just a fraction of that on promotion and marketing deals with the airlines, MJV could have more routes, and more of the summer ones running in Winter as well.
James Scobb - Sun, 31st Jan 2016
Shame to see Jet2 cancel 3 of its routes to Murcia-San Javier. Edinburgh, Glasgow and East Midlands. This is nothing to do with the opening of Corvera. It's simply more to do with the success of Alicante routes va those at Murcia-San Javier. Jet2 still retain other other routes to MJV from Leeds Bradford, Manchester and one or 2 more. On the good news, there is actually a new airline arriving: Aer Lingus from Dublin 4 times a week from the end of March and until October! If Murcia-San Javier does close in favour of Corvera, I am afraid that the routes to the region will be even less as there will not be the critical mass to sustain most of the current flights. Having a bigger airport is NOT going to attract new routes and airlines. But as have have heard expressed here, for those between San Javier and Torrevieja, Alicante would be a better choice than Corvera when MJV is not an option.
James Scobb - Sun, 31st Jan 2016
John : Your comment is posted against an individual news article (dated 01.05.2015) and NOT the topic of Corvera Airport in general. As such, this News article / page will never get updated. HOWEVER, if you follow the links in my previous comment posts it will take you you to the News section of our site dedicated to Corvera Airport.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 4th Jan 2016
I hope you update the situation at corvera airport on your web page. Something good, or bad, must have happened since 1-5-2015.
John Crowley - Sun, 3rd Jan 2016

I think this latest News Article on the subject of Corvera Airport might amuse some of you !

( Link > HERE <).

Tumbit - Admin - Sat, 19th Dec 2015

Kevin : Succinctly put. All the (notable) updates on this subject are uploaded to our Corvera Airport topics page (Link > HERE <).

Alcox : What ? You mean that these guys would then be accountable (Gasp!) - I am guessing the best people to approach would be the Regional Ministry of Public Works & Infrastructure
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 6th Dec 2015
Here we are, early December 2015, and 7 months since this story was published. So what's the update? According to the article, now less than 5 months from being 'fully operational'. If so, then activity levels at the facility would be visible and obvious in preparation. The press would be bombarded with stories of confirmation from the various political interests, the owners, operators and the airlines. My question is; what is the current status? I guess the truth of the matter is: the saga continues! Isn't it ironic? In the UK they can talk about building a runway (that's absolutely needed), for 20 years . . . and not reach a decision. In Spain they do it arse about face and build the whole airport (whether they need one or not), and without knowing if there is a market it will serve. Typical results from politicians making and taking decisions. (Politicians, who in the main, have egos inversely proportion to their intellects)!
Kevin Randell - Sun, 6th Dec 2015
Is there any way that we can have the NAMES and OFFICE ADDRESSES of those responsible for this public money debacle, so that we can approach them by mail or in person (by appointment of course - can't by-pass bureaucracy now CAN WE ?), to find out if WE, the people that are doing the paying, can find out what their excuse is for being so monumentally incompetent ?
Alcox - Sat, 5th Dec 2015
I guess the analyst team with jet2 decided there was no demand for Glasgow to Murcia as well, that route was shut down too. Na Na do not believe it. They tell you anything. Just means my loyalty which was with jet2 because of flights to Murcia is no more its with any of the others who offer the cheapest fares to Alicante
Elizabeth Swan - Fri, 4th Dec 2015
Hi John : We are happy to make a random guess, but to be honest would you trust anything printed by the Spanish press, or vented by either a regional or national politician on the subject of Corvera Airport ? - One thing that is for sure is that the region has budgeted the sum of EU24 Mln to provide maintenance and security at the (still unoperational) airport until the end of March. After then, who knows.... ?
Tumbit - Admin - Fri, 4th Dec 2015
Please do a little research and update all of us about a possible opening date for the new airport.
John Crowley - Fri, 4th Dec 2015
there would appear to be many unused airports round spain, so looks like convera will just go on the heap along with the rest of them (hope not). how are they able to build airports and not use them? your talking about millions.
Irene Mcgrath - Wed, 21st Oct 2015
If the politicians and other elected officials dealing with Corvera were using their performance as an electioneering tool, they would NEVER get in again would they ?
Alcox - Tue, 20th Oct 2015
wrote to jet 2 to ask why stop going into San Javier. they said there was no definate plans in convera opening. There route analyst team dont think there is a demand apparently for this route (edinburgh to murcia) !!!!!!! remembering that San Javier was a Military airport and if convera went ahead it would go back to being that. But that wont be next year ! also told if I wanted to fly into Murcia I could fly from 3 English airport like if I would, stupid comment.
Irene Mcgrath - Mon, 19th Oct 2015
love San Javier airport and 1 hour away form our home. with regards Corvera only 30 minutes away. think it was a waste of money to build Corvera and strong chance it may never open. will be pleased if it does as its much closer. why in the name of everything holy why did they spend 70 million euros on San Javier to be closed later. wonders will never cease
Geoff Hobster - Sun, 11th Oct 2015
Manchester to San Javier next Aug booked also. Bring out the odd winter flight and lets fill them too
Paul S - Mon, 28th Sep 2015
Just booked Ryanair San Javier to Luton return ..... Returning end August 2016........ Currently not looking to good for Corvera (despite the political spin and usual Spanish reassurances) , IS IT ?
Alcox - Mon, 28th Sep 2015
Booked 3 flights for 2016 to San Javier Jet2 all cancelled money back or transfered to Alicante. Very disappointed looks like Corvera maybe going ahead? Ryanair could be taking over from Jet2.????? to Corvera. Anyway Jet2 tight lipped as to why no Edinburgh to Murcia
Elizabeth Swan - Mon, 28th Sep 2015
Has it never occurred to the authorities in Spain that there might be a bit of a problem with the way they do things ? Another example is the spending of millions on a desalinisation plant in Torrevieja , when, with a modicum of research they would have found out that they didn't have the power to run the darned thing. Aren't they at least a bit embarrassed by the way their immigrant residents react to this sort of thing ? Yes, they just laugh !
Alcox - Fri, 4th Sep 2015
looks like my loss for Corvera with the park not opening. I still have the same time either airport, just hoped it would opened it up for winter. we needed the fast train( not happening ), the park(not happening) and more flights(not happening ) to get more tourists into the area. looked at april flights into San javier cant book, but can book into alicante, why !!!!!
Irene Mcgrath - Tue, 25th Aug 2015
Now Paramount theme park uk appears to on its way. (North of Kent). It looks like the theme park in Murcia is dead and buried, before it came alive! and without that, Corvera Airport has no chance now.
Paul S - Mon, 24th Aug 2015
Irene, I have not missed any point including the one you put up. The point I am making is when I bought my home in Spain I chose to be near to San Javier because it had an airport 10 -15mins away from where I bought my home. It just so happened to be pleasant to come and go from. Like you say no flights from Edinburgh in winter so I am forced to go to Alicante does not mean I would go in the huff and stay at home. I thought the point of having this site was to put over how visitors feel about Corvera. To me a complete waste of money as was the other airports standing empty unable to open. You are of course entitled to speak out for what would be better for yourself. I did not expect you to make a debate about what was said. I am sure Corvera if the big wigs want it it will open it will and good luck to you if it is nearer for you. It just means for us it will be Alicante even although Corvera is the same distance and time to travel to where our holiday home is.
Elizabeth Swan - Mon, 24th Aug 2015
I love San Javier to bits and if only all airports could be like that what bliss, but surely every one is missing the point. to go in the huff and avoid Corvera for me would be shooting myself in the foot. Alicante 2 hours drive away, Murcia/Corvera 1.30 away. Almeria airport 45min away no Scottish flights. Next airport Malaga ???? if I had a house in almeria that would be a 3hr drive to alicante airport. Corvera would a least be close to motorway for access. I hate alicante airport, if Corvera is as big I can still hate it and miss san javier but at least better access to my house and opening it up to others that have to drive up from further south. although hate paying the toll (28 euros) to my home enjoy the road and drive down. Will it open any way !!! lets enjoy for the moment, but in saying that no flights for me in winter and I have to use Alicante airport. :(
Irene Mcgrath - Mon, 24th Aug 2015
I agree with Berry my family and friends will also travel to Alicante. The day San Javier is closed will be a sad day for I am sure thousands of people who have found it to be a pleasant experience. I know something is in the air as all our flights booked with Jet2 for 2016 have been cancelled to our usual choice Murcia. We had the option of money back or Alicante. Hope this is not a ploy to fill planes to Alicante then put flights back on for Murcia at a higher price. time will tell.
Elizabeth Swan - Mon, 24th Aug 2015
For some reason my last comment didn't appear. As a property owner for the last 10 years, I feel that owners south of Murcia struggle with tolls and longer distances to airports. In winter I have to fly into Alicante 2hrs away no Scottish flights go into Murcia winter. We need train links in my area to connect us to the rest of Spain.we need reasons to come to our area, not only beaches and golf courses, i.e. theme parks good news. No Scottish flights into Almeria for me sorry to say, surely helping people to get to an area is a help tourist wise. If people stayed further down it could take them hours to travel to an airport and be charged tolls on top of a long haul. I am concerned since the crash, we need more tourists,houses would sell and shops/ restaurants be open. mostly English use my area,than scots with only English airports coming into Almeria Airport. Yes it would suit me Convera but with no tolls and hopefully winter flights would surely bring more people.
Irene Mcgrath - Thu, 20th Aug 2015
I've had a home in vera for 10 years, after using San Javier and having to travel 1hr.30min to my home plus tolls 28 euros or alicante 2 hr away but no tolls or convera 1hr.30 and no tolls?surley you open it up to choice. you need to open my area up, better access,no tolls, flights and trains means more tourists. In the winter I have no flights into murcia only alicante, so we're back to hoping that convera would/could have winter flights allowing more people better access to my area.
Irene Mcgrath - Wed, 19th Aug 2015
Sorry Irene, you are accusing everybody else of thinking only of themselves, and may I ask what are you doing, thinking of the general good, I think not!
Mike Hardwick - Wed, 19th Aug 2015
I love San Javier to bits, but why I want Convera airport to open is with staying in Vera Almeria I wont have to pay a toll road to get to my house. No flights from Edinburgh to Almeria. Alicante is 2 hours away from me. People wanting San Javier to stay open are only thinking of their self's. You need train links at my area also for theme park to bring in tourists
Irene Mcgrath - Wed, 19th Aug 2015
Unless there is a maximum 30 min road and rail link from covera to current coastal populated areas holiday traffic will favour alicante
Mike Gill - Wed, 22nd Jul 2015
When San Javier closes all members of family will use Alicante. We have no faith in corvera. We have been so content with San javier since 1986.
Berry - Thu, 16th Jul 2015
Misplaced regional pride, arrogance and vanity Linda, that's why !
Tyler - Sun, 28th Jun 2015
Why close a beautiful, user-friendly airport like San Javier which is so well sited for the Mar Menor and surrounding areas with lovely helpful staff for this white elephant which has cost so many millions of euros and had delay after delay after delay - some on safety grounds! We, as a family will switch to Alicante and will not use Corvera should San Javier close. Its a ludicrous decision and should have been shelved along with the theme park...
Linda Crook - Fri, 26th Jun 2015
If San Javier closes we will transfer totally to using Alicante, NOT to Corvera just too far from Torrevieja. Why close a highly rated lovely airport for a white elephant? It would probably have been viable if the theme park had been built but we are a long way from the boom of 2007
Mike Hardwick - Thu, 18th Jun 2015
Can I be the Pilot Chris. Ha Ha 22 thousand Euros per day to maintain something that as never opened. (Great management) People will not admit that this airport was only viable during the boom back in 2007. They appear to have afforded it for the past 7 years! Just out of principle,most people will travel from Alicante and not support Corvera. The 22 thousand Euors will double and the pink Elpehant would close within two years. Costing the people of Murcia even more money! Lets see who sticks their neck out after the elections. Then it can all be blamed on them from the opposing parties.
Paul S - Sat, 23rd May 2015
The Spanish press are saying that it costs 22 thousand Euros per today just to maintain Corvera Airport. The people of Murcia can not afford for the airport NOT to open - and soon !
Robster - Sun, 3rd May 2015
If Corvera opens as a Ryanair hub by summer 2016 I will volunteer to personally pilot the first flying pig to land there !
Chris Boyd - Fri, 1st May 2015

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