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Education minister proposes change in ESO at 14

Thu 28th Jan 2010

Spain's Minister for Education, Angel Gabilondo, has made the proposal of bringing forward the age when a student chooses between the Bachillerato or FP, to 14.

If the proposal is carried through it would in effect mean that the last year of compulsory education in Spain, (ESO fourth), would prepare the student for their future choice. Those students who had finished the third ESO year, but were not yet ready to move on to the fourth would repeat their year.

The Bachillerato would still be a two year course, however the Minister proposes an increase in focus on the final year of ESO.

Gabilondo said he wanted to see students remaining in education until 18 although the law for compulsory education would remain with the limit set at 16. His proposal will be documented with other ideas from the regions and from within the education community. The Minister suggested that in order for these proposed changes to be implemented it would require a 2/3rds majority in parliament.

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