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"Corvera Airport Open 2017"

Sat 19th Dec 2015
'Corvera Airport Open 2017'

In an interview with Cadena Sur radio station, the Minister of Employment, Economy and Tourism for the region of Murcia, stated that Corvera Airport would be open to the public in 2017.

Juan Hernandez Albarracín spoke in the "Day to Day" program moments after leaving a meeting of the Regional Council of Chambers of Commerce, where the subject of Corvera Airport - specifically it's intended impact on the local economy - was discussed in detail.

Murcia is set to promote tourism in the region at the FITUR exhibition in January, and following on from a record-breaking year for tourism to Spain as a whole, it is hoped that the region can capitalise on this for 2016.

Sadly, it seems that the Minister's comments confirm suspicions that the airport - which would otherwise be instrumental in promoting tourism to the region - will not be operational next year.

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Comment on this Story

LOL, is anyone actually going to hold Juan Hernandez Albarrac?n to this statement, or is it going to be yet another deadline that comes and goes ? My money is on the latter !
Robster - Tue, 27th Dec 2016
Yet another date to pacify possible Corvera users. will the airport ever open ? The cost to service the loan is 22 thousand euros a day should force the people making decisions to act and open Corvera. Logic goes out of the window here
Geoff Hobster - Mon, 4th Jan 2016
Unfortunately I did not hear Sr. Albarrac?n's interview. I am sure I might have found it . . . informative, perhaps overly optimistic, or probably just another crock! Perhaps somebody who heard it might enlighten me as to the actual evidence he put forward to support his assertions. Without such evidence (that can be corroborated from other sources), his optimism is likely to prove as fallacious, fictional, and imaginary as we expect from these deluded politicians. In this time of Christmas goodwill, god save us from these 'ministers' of . . . . whatever.
Kevin Randell - Sat, 19th Dec 2015

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