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Corvera Airport : 3.5 Million Passengers by 2025 ?

Mon 28th Dec 2015
Corvera Airport : 3.5 Million Passengers by 2025 ?

The business plan for the operation of Corvera Airport put forward by the Regional Ministry of Development has estimated that the facility will serve a total of 3.5 Million passengers per year by 2025.

The report also suggested a figure of 2.5 Million as a worst-case scenario.

This gives an average of three million passengers a year - three times the number of passengers using Murcia's neighbouring San Javier Airport at the moment.

The Minister of Development admitted that the Regional Government has considered a number of different 'solutions' concerning how to bring the facility into operation but that the current formula 'was the most appropriate'.

There is believed to be currently 7 airport operators, including AENA, who have expressed an interest in bidding for the new contract to operate Corvera Airport.

Of the seven, 5 will submit bids based on the understanding that San Javier will close before operations at Corvera can commence, while 2 have agreed to retain a degree of flexibiity with regards to the status of the older facility.

Of the seven companies, 5 are European, 1 is American and 1 North African.

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Comment on this Story

Good news this winter for San Javier Airport, as Ryanair will operate flights from Dublin, Luton, Manchester, East Midlands and Birmingham! Either 2 or 3 flights a week on each. Apart from these, there are the usual EasyJet to Gatwick and Bristol, and the Brussels route. So more options! I doubt that these would have enough takers at Carver if San Javier were to close. I agree with cutting the losses now, but in any case, they should not be stupid enough to close San Javier and hope that Carvera will attract more passengers just by virtue of being a an airport with jetways rather than simpler facility, because the Murcia government might have that illusion, but the users know that we don't care about a shiny new terminal, but rather the convenience.
James Scobb - Mon, 2nd May 2016
Very little flights going into San Javier over the winter months. Where are all the people going to come from ?, apart from a small percentage from Alicante. If San Javier ever closed!! I would travel from Alicante, a straight run of 50 mins is no hardship. Probably a lot more people would too. 2.5 mil worst case senario??? just where do they get the figures from. Cut the losses now I say
Subby - Wed, 6th Jan 2016
Based on the time-honoured Spanish logic of "if we build it they will come" - as with the now-closed airports of Ciudad Real and Huescar !
Tyler - Fri, 1st Jan 2016
Based on what evidence / logic ?
Robster - Mon, 28th Dec 2015

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