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EC calls on Spain to form stable government ASAP

Source: El Pais - Fri 15th Jan 2016
EC calls on Spain to form stable government ASAP

With Spain still struggling to form a new government following inconclusive general elections on December 20, the message from the EU remains the same as it was in early January.

In a press conference on Friday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he would like to see “a stable government” in Spain “as soon as possible.”

But the EC leader also insisted that he does not wish to interfere in the “specific makeup” of this government.

In a long address that included mentions of Poland, Britain, the refugee crisis, terrorism and the economic crisis, Juncker refused to comment on “movements in certain regions,” an unequivocal allusion to Catalonia’s separatist challenge.

Toward the end of his speech, Juncker delivered an obscure sentence that is difficult to interpret. He said that the speed in forming this stable government obeys the fact that Spain “is part of the euro zone.” This might suggest that Juncker is concerned about interference between political instability in Spain and the fragile recovery of the euro zone.

“I want Spain to be up to the task,” he added, without specifying what task he was referring to.

If Spanish parties are unable to come together in a governing coalition, the country will face new elections this year. So far, Belgium holds the record for most number of days without a functioning government: 541.

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