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Spain 4th 'Most Googled' destination in 2015

Source: Expatriate Healthcare - Sun 24th Jan 2016
Spain 4th 'Most Googled' destination in 2015

In the past there were dozens of search engines all vying for dominance.

While Yahoo and Bing may still be limping along, many others such as Lycos, Hotbot and Inktomi are long since dead.

These days Google owns an estimated 68% of the search market, which equates to 3.5 billion searches per day – or 40,000 per second.

Put another way, Google is in many ways a barometer of the internet – and the words and phrases we search through Google go a long way to show how we as a species are moving.

It should therefore come as no real surprise that the most searched-for travel destinations of 2015 makes for some truly fascinating reading.

The recent statistics reveal exactly where Brits have been researching during 2015, and reveals some intriguing data about how our travel habits have been affected by world events.

Typically, for example, Paris is the single most searched destination among Brits, long considered the “ultimate” destination for a city break or a romantic getaway. This year, however, it seems that Paris has been completely wiped off the top 10.

Perhaps we Brits are tiring on Paris as a travel destination, or maybe the terrible terrorist tragedies experienced there in 2015 were enough to temper our excitement for all things Parisian.

Turkey has also followed a similar fate, disappearing from the top ten in 2015 after former dominance. Of course, with its Syrian border and all the troubles that has brought Turkey recently, perhaps many potential holiday-makers have opted for a destination they consider safer and more reliable.

Whatever the case, with Paris dropping out of the top ten, a new winner has been revealed; New York. Following closely along behind New York City comes the USA as a whole.

The third position is taken by Australia and Spain rising to an impressive number four. Possibly most shockingly of all, however, bearing in mind the increased interest in staycations, is that only one British destination managed to make it into the top ten ranks. In 2015 the most searched-for British destination was Cornwall, coming in at an impressive number five.

Other British travel heavyweights, such as London and Edinburgh, failed to get a mention against stiff competition.

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