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AVE Train to Murcia's Corvera Airport to arrive in 2016

Sat 6th Feb 2016
AVE Train to Murcia's Corvera Airport to arrive in 2016

The Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, visited Murcia earlier this week to inspect the project to bring the AVE high speed rail infrastructure to the region.

Pastor said that the project is "95% complete", expected to be operational "at some point in 2016", and pointed out that over EU1,440 Mln has been spent on infrastructure projects throughout the region since 2012.

The Minister acknowledged that 50% of this sum was allocated for the AVE.

Whilst the agreement to bring the AVE to the region was signed back in 2006, it was also widely suggested that the proximity of one of the proposed Stations to Corvera International Airport would in fact encourage more passengers to travel by rail to and from the Airport, thereby supporting traffic at Corvera Airport.

The reality is that it is significantly more likely that International passengers will use the AVE to leave the region of Murcia to more convenient airports such as Elche-Alicante.

On the subject of Corvera Airport, Ana Pastor insisted that the National Government is committed to assisting the regional government of Murcia to ensure that the facility becomes operational "as soon as possible".

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Comment on this Story

Here there is an interesting development between the lines. When the minister Ana Pastor was pressed on whether San Javier Airport would close, she would only say that the government is commited to opening Corvera (as they want to save face and that of the local chiftiens of her party). Basically, Aena would only consider closing San Javier if it won the contest to run Corvera -and only of it was paid compensation (for which there is no money, she hinted). In any case Aena is now 49% private and decisiosn such as closing one of their few airports that actually pays its way (most others lose money). It'll be interesting to see what happens. Ideally, I would like to see both airports running side by side. I have no doubt that most passengers would still prefer San Javier, but perhaps Corvera can be used for storage of planes, and maybe cargo flights.
James Scobb - Sun, 7th Feb 2016
Other 50%, Towards loan interest due to the delay of the Airport opening. Unless part of that sum is used for the improvements at San Javier Airport (Money that will be well spent)
Subby - Sat, 6th Feb 2016
So what was the other 50% spent on ?
Robster - Sat, 6th Feb 2016

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