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Murcia' San Javier Airport numbers down for 8th consecutive year

Sat 27th Feb 2016
Murcia' San Javier Airport numbers down for 8th consecutive year

Spain's encouraging Airport passenger numbers for the year 2015 were not reciprocated to Murcia's San Javier airport, according to recent reports.

Figures released last week revealed how passenger number at San Javier fell 2.5% during 2015, which contrasts with the 5.9% increase seen by other Airports in the AENA network across Spain collectively.

Similarly, Alicante Airport saw an increase of 5.10%.

The number of passengers arriving at Murcia's San Javier Airport in 2015 were almost half of the number registered in 2007, when the Airport registered a record high.

2015's figures saw an 8th consecutive year of falling passenger numbers.

With the region struggling to bring the new Corvera Airport into operation, and neighboring Alicante airport is seemingly going from strength to strength, many airlines have ceased operating routes to the facility over recent years.

But will these same Airlines return to Murcia if and when San Javier Airport should close in favour of Corvera opening ?

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Comment on this Story

There are some good news as this coming winter there will be flights between Murcia-San Javier and Manchester, Dublin and Luton with Ryanair. These had not operated in Winter in the last few years. And let's not forget that Aer Lingus is a new airline at MJV with flights from Dublin this summer.And EasyJet has 2 flights from Gatwick most of teh summer -and one in Winter- Even though jet2 has wirthdrawn some flights,overall, 2016 should see positive numbers. The winter flights are specially welcome!
James Scobb - Thu, 3rd Mar 2016
As a final thought, living near Alicante, I would choose San Javier over Alicante Airport everytime, despite the tolls. It reminds me a little bit of how air travel used to be. But its all about money, so I fear, unless the airlines start running flights there in increasing numbers, San Javier is doomed.
Colin Bond - Mon, 29th Feb 2016
Where is Corvera near ? : The airport which isn't open should be very handy for the theme park that never will, and the high speed train that is still years away.
Tumbit -admin - Sun, 28th Feb 2016
It's a pity as it has such a nice feel. You check in and the plane is only feet away. Location, location, its just too far south to be popular with Benidorm and places further north. And as for Corvera, its a non-starter. I cant imagine ever wanting to fly there in my wildest dreams. Where is it near ? Answer, nowhere, unless you live within 50 kilometres. I would guess it will never open as an airport....maybe the americans could turn it into a theme park, starring mickey and Minnie mouse.
Colin Bond - Sun, 28th Feb 2016
Hardly surprising considering the withdrawal of flights - especially during the Winter - by the Airlines.
David - Sat, 27th Feb 2016

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