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Murcia's Corvera Airport 'Will NOT open 2016'

Thu 9th Jun 2016
Murcia's Corvera Airport 'Will NOT open 2016'

Uncertainties with the impending Spanish General Elections, together with the recent change of ownership with Corvera International Airport, has led the President of Murcia’s regional Chamber of Commerce to conclude that the facility will not be operational this Summer.

Jose Maria Albarracin made the comments after meeting with the new Minister of Development – Pedro Rivera – earlier in the week., and went on to say that an official statement to this effect will probably made in July.

Similarly, Albarracin doubted that significant moves would be made with the arrival of the High-Speed AVE to the region in 2016, but expressed confidence that this would take place in 2017.

The President of the Chamber also mentioned Rivera’s recent meeting with acting Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, where the question of Corvera Airport was apparently discussed at some length.

”Deadlines” and “Guarantees” with Corvera Airport have come and gone over previous years, and never been far from the front pages of the regional press, however more recently Politicians have wisely appeared to keep their opinions on the matter to themselves.

However, the issue is surely set to become a hot topic once more once the ‘uncertainty’ has been quelled post-June 26th.

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Comment on this Story

Dianne, The airport will open, but you will see that it will be an even stupider move if to do so, they Close San Javier. The jobs gained in opening one willl be the ones lost in closing the other. Furthermore, The new airport will attract less passengers that San a javier does at the moment -and so the region will lose out as numbers of tourists dwindle.
James Scobb - Sat, 17th Dec 2016
It is so stupid not opening the airport.Why don't the goverment deside to open the airport ,just to think how much work it will bring to the area and how much it would bring to the local businesses. I think it is stupidity not to.
Dianne Rossi - Sat, 17th Dec 2016
I think it is wrong that the Murcian government build an airport - which cost nearly 200 million Euros to build - is now not being opened. They have frankly wasted money which could have been spent on say; the Paramount Theme Park; I've always said this - I do not believe that Corvera airport will ever open - because it is just too much for Spain to run to at the moment within economic volatility; San Javier is a really good airport as is -- wake up and smell the coffee Murcia !!
Sam Payne - Tue, 9th Aug 2016
@ SPB, agreed but Castellon airport seem to making a go of things, so there may still be hope !
Gandalf - Fri, 5th Aug 2016
This regional government are completely deluded, not only was the airport a bad decision in the first place, but they still chuck in the old sound bite ; "Paramount Park", "High Speed AVE", etc... The region is sleepy hollow and that's just the way I like it. I think all concerned should concentrate on what is required NOW, like the people and the existing infrastructure.
Spb - Thu, 4th Aug 2016
Rumour has it that Santa Claus will carry out the Opening Ceremony.....if and when......
Pessimistic - Wed, 13th Jul 2016
Not Jet2, but Ryanair will
James Swabb - Mon, 20th Jun 2016
Can you tell me if jet2 will be flying from Manchester and back in Dec 2016
Mary Birtles - Sun, 19th Jun 2016

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