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Murcia San Javier Airport passenger numbers dwindle

Sun 14th Aug 2016
Murcia San Javier Airport passenger numbers dwindle

Passenger numbers at Murcia’s San Javier Airport fell to just 150,156 for the month of July – a fall of 6% on the same period in 2015.

By comparison, traffic Elche-Alicante Airport reached 1,463,633 passengers – up 17.1% on last July.

The number operations shows a similar trend, with 9,914 flights handled at Elche-Alicante (up 18.9% on July 2015), and just 1,051 flights at Murcia-San Javier (down 10.4%).

Only Salamanca, Burgos, Santander and Vitoria saw a percentage fall in passenger numbers greater than San Javier.

Whilst the statistics clearly demonstrate that San Javier is on course for the 9th consecutive year of falling passenger numbers, AENA are still demonstrating an appetite for further investment at the facility.

Would more passengers fly to San Javier if more Airlines could be attracted ?

Would Murcia Airports be seen as an attractive alternative to Alicante if there was a clearly defined answer on the San Javier closure / Corvera opening situation ?

Until we know the answers to the above we can only assume that San Javier will eventually become the Airport with the best facilities but least passengers in the whole of Spain.

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Comment on this Story

Well said James ! - But you can hardly blame airlines for pulling away from San Javier amid all the uncertainty that has dragged on for so many years.
Mr Grumpy - Sat, 20th Aug 2016
The fall can be explained by the withdrawal of jet2's routes to Scotland and East Midlands. Jet2 decided to boost its Alicante routes instead. We have had a new airline at the airport this summer as Air Lingus injected competition on the Dublin route. That and more capacity by EssyJet were not enough to offset the loss of the jet2 services. However, standby for double digit growth this Winter as Ryanair will keep winter routes to most of its destinations from Murcia - whereas in recent years only Stansted was operated. It is wholly wrong to assume that 2016 will continue the trend in falling passenger numbers. On the contrary, the full year will see the start of the recovery -and that will continue in 2017 The best thing for Murcia is for authorities to give up trying to close San Javier and let the airlines know that they can plan ahead with confidence. Corvera can still open, but best for cargo or airplane storage as it would only attract a fraction of MJV's traffic
James Swabb - Sat, 20th Aug 2016
I have to admit that at first I thought that AENA were being ridiculous and wasteful in persisting with upgrades to an airport that was 'about to close' - maybe even suspecting them of doing so for no other reason than to increase the amount of Compensation they would 'reportedly' receive upon it's closure. The more this fiasco drags on the more I can see that have played the 'Spanish Airports' game long enough to know that Corvera will never open....
Robster - Tue, 16th Aug 2016
The flights I take to San Javier are always full. I am often unable to fly there because flights are fully booked. The airport needs more competition, more flights, and cheaper flights to attract more passengers. But airlines won't commit while there is uncertainty about closure.
Jacqui Burke - Sun, 14th Aug 2016

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