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New route launched San Javier Airport, will Corvera ever open ?

Sun 20th Nov 2016
New route launched San Javier Airport, will Corvera ever open ?

Murcia’s San Javier Airport yesterday inaugurated a new route to Antwerp, Belgium.

Flights are operated by TUI Fly and will operate each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

For the Winter season - October 30th to March 25th – San Javier, Murcia-San Javier will connect to 11 destinations in 5 countries, most of them international (UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium), as well as a domestic connection to Madrid.

This follows last week’s news that British Airways have also launched a new connection between the Airport and Heathrow, and the re-introduction of Jet2’s route to Edinburgh.

While the general public are seemingly expected to take confidence in the news that a tender for the operation of Corvera Airport ‘ will be finalised before Christmas’, recent announcements only give support to those who claim that San Javier will never close in favour of Corvera.

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Comment on this Story

Des, I think that you have missed part of the story. Aeromur is not relevant anymore. They built the airport mostly at their own expense -but because they relied on a loan backed by the Murcia regional government, the airport is now property of the local government -who are looking for an operator who will repay them over a period of time. I personally think that Corvera won't be a success as a passenger airport -but perhaps it can be a cargo hub or even aircraft storage facility such as Teruel that is rivalling the big American ones. My fear is that opening Corvera forces the closure of San javier, and that would be a mistake. As for Article 50, it will be triggered, but it will won't have an influence either way. Part perhaps, it might result in a more empovrished UK with brits being able to holiday as often -and that will have an impact on passenger demand to the area. Already buying houses in the area has become much more expensive as Sterling has slumped.
James Scobb - Sun, 11th Dec 2016
5th of November deadline what has happened? Aeromur in liquidation no funds? Or maybe they have buggered of with any available assets Come on Mrs may trigger article 50 and let's stop contributing to this corrupt mess Enough is enough
Des Oneill - Sat, 10th Dec 2016
To be fair, the Antwerp route is just a replacement of the Brussels route, but it does have an additional weekly frequency. BA on the other hand is a coup! Only 2 weekly, but it is Heathrow! One airport not served ever before and the return of British Airways after many years. And as for jet2 back with an Edinburgh link: Great! The article is right in that the lack of support from the regional government , that has been headband on promoting the Corvera white elephant instead has meant that the San Javier airport has under performed. With some promotion, San Javier could have more routes and frequencies. Even at the recent World Tourism Forum in London, the Murcia regional government made no mention of San Javier airport, despite promoting the "Costa Blanca" brand. Will San Javier close? I hope not, even if Corvera opens. If let to compete MJV would win hands down. But government will be keen to avoid such a debacle.
James Scobb - Mon, 21st Nov 2016

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