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2.5 Million Passengers per year to arrive at Murcia's Corvera Airport

Tue 28th Mar 2017
2.5 Million Passengers per year to arrive at Murcia's Corvera Airport

It has been a while since the Regional Government of Murcia has made a wildly unsubstantiated and overestimated claim on the topic of Corvera Airport, however they returned in style this past weekend.

In a report published in the Official Journal of the European Union, the Regional Ministry of Bullshit claimed that - once fully opened - the new Airport at Corvera will "Generate 2 million euros per year in revenues" and will "Total 495.8 Euros over the first 25 years of operation".

Murcia also claimed that the minimum fee per passenger to be contributed by the National Government will stand 0.73 euros for the first 10 years, 2.09 Euros for the following 5 years, rising to 2.56 Euros per passenger in the later years.

It was also reported how the Regional Government will also receive from 10% of all charges levied by the Airport's operator for freight handled at the facility.

However, if the 2.5 million passenger numbers per year figure is to be exceeded, the payment per passenger is likely to be 10% lower.

2.5 Million Passengers per year arriving at Corvera ? : Thoughts ?

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Comment on this Story

San Javier or Corvera would be much more useful to thousands of us if more carriers would fly there rather than just into Alicante. From Birmingham we have only Ryanair operating into San Javier with the result that their prices are ridiculous. So we end up going to Alicante which is much further away from where we want to be but the flights are much cheaper.
Carol Wilson - Thu, 6th Apr 2017
The best way to reach 2.5 million passengers a year is to leave Corvera closed to passenger flights and promote the region's tourism via San Javier as its gateway. Without any serious promotion by the regional government, San javier is growing again and can continue to do so. 25 years is a long time and maybe Corvera could reach 2.5m passengers a year by 2042 if San javier was to forced shut - and even that figure is ambitious. Much ado about nothing airport is Corvera. It would never have more passengers than San Javier can attract. It's very questionable if any bidders will come forward to run Corvera, but if they do (some regional companies that have more blind faith than sense) do take it on, it will be interesting to prove which of the 2 airports can attract the most passengers. My prediction is that the new airport could attract a flight to Barcelona - and that either Ryanair or jet2 could be tempted to move flights up to Corvera -but these would flop.
James Scobb - Sat, 1st Apr 2017
...yet according to Wikipedia Murcia's current Airport only managed to attract 1.096 Mln passengers in 2017. Misplaced optimism methinks !
Robster - Wed, 29th Mar 2017

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