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Changes to Spanish ITV (MOT) applied

Sat 4th Nov 2017
Changes to Spanish ITV (MOT) applied

The Spanish Government has approved a Royal Decree to modify a number of points concerning the application of the Spanish MOT (ITV).

In the past, any failed vehicle had to return to the same inspection station for the retest within a maximum period of one month - whereas now the failed vehicle can be taken to a different station - but still within the one month period.

Vehicles that pass the test will have the same mandatory retest date, and vehicles can take the ITV up to one month in advance of the deadline test date and still keep the extended final restest date.

In effect, this means that if an ITV were to expire on January 2018 and the test was taken successfully in December 2017 (one month before the expiry date), the next ITV would be due January 2019.

Changes to the ITV also obliges all ITV Stations to have the correct diagnostic resources to connect with the vehicles computer systems that many vehicles approaching their first ITV inspections now have, which will allow detailed inspections of the electronic security systems to check they are functioning correctly as well as improved controls of emissions.

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