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P.P. Call for compulsory drugs testing for motorists

Thu 15th Apr 2010

Yesterday the Senate approved a motion proposed by the P.P. calling on the Government to ensure that routine traffic controls can now also test for drugs in addition to alcohol.

Current tests are compulsory for alcohol, but only voluntary for drugs, with as many of 70% of those given showing positive signs for Cannabis, Cocaine or amphetamines.

The Partido Poular are requesting that levels of legal and illegal drugs taken by means of a saliva test as soon as this is technologically possible. At the moment tests are able to trace 23 different types of legal and illegal drugs by taking a 0.5mg sample from underneath the tongue.

Current figures show that 17.5% of drivers killed on Spanish roads are found to have taken drugs of some kind.

However, this coincides with a study undertaken by drivers groups in Spain has shown that 19% of Spanish drivers have almost had an accident due to poor road signs, with 40% of drivers agreeing that road signs need to be improved.

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