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Guardia instructed to reduce costs

Wed 12th May 2010

It has been reported that the Spanish Ministry for the Interior has issued a number of ‘guidelines' to the Guardia Civil and the National Police on how to reduce costs and expenses.

Appearing at the top of the top of the list is an instruction to carry out fewer breathalyser tests, as a means of saving petrol, and by limiting the tests to drivers who show signs of being drunk, and being more selective with other drivers.

A popular TV Production Company has been given a copy of the recommendations, which also calls for fewer patrols in 4X4 vehicles, cars and motorbikes, and goes on to say how text messages should be used instead of mobile phone calls wherever possible.

This series of recommendations also goes as far as encouraging driving with the windows fully closed, along with switching off the car's engine at short stops. Reducing the air conditioning temperature and using lower wattage light bulbs is also suggested.

The Guardia Civil declined to comment on the reported recommendations, stating how it was an internal document and not for public release.

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