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Mayor refuses padron to unemployed foreigners

Tue 29th Jun 2010

The Alcalde of the town of Robledo de Chavela in Madrid has refused to let any foreigners sign on the padrón if they are unemployed – even if they have lived in the town for years.

Almost 4'000 of the town's residents are of Morrocan origin, complain that even when they present all the required documents, if they cannot produce a contract of employment they are not allowed to sign on the padron.

This essentially breaks the current law that all residents, irrespective of nationality, work status or even legality in the country – have both the right and the obligation to sign on the padrón.

Not being able to have a padrón certificate means that it can be problematic when buying a car or a house, or setting up a mortgage – and that residents are not entitled to state healthcare or education for their children.

It also means that the Town can not apply for it's full quota of funding for its public services and facilities, since the national government provides funds for these based on official headcount.

The local Moroccan residents association has complained to the regional ombudsman, however the mayor refuses to comment on the matter to this body, saying: "I will only give explanations about what I do in my own town if I am asked to do so in court."

One woman, who has lived in – and been on the padrón in – five towns in the last 17 years said that when she insisted it was her right to be on the census list, a Local Police officer in the town hall told her: "Either you leave now, or I'll grab you by the neck and throw you out into the street."

The Mayor, Mario Anselmo de la Fuente, does not apply his 'no jobseekers' rule to Spanish residents.

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