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Rajoy 'Would reverse same sex marriage laws'

Mon 1st Nov 2010

The leader of Spain's opposition to the government, Mariano Rajoy, has declared his intention to revoke the law allowing same-sex couples to marry if he wins the general election in 2012.

The right-wing politician has said how he is not concened that the High Court has ratified the law, referring to it as being against the Spanish constitution.

Rajoy has also spoken out against the recently-reformed abortion law, claiming it is inappropriate that a 16-year-old girl should be able to terminate a pregnancy without the consent of her parents.

He has also thrown his support behind an increase to the state pension age, although he is more in favour of adopting incentives to encourage people to continue working up to and beyond the age of 65, and also to enforce 65 as the minimum age for retirement. Whilt the current age of retirement in Spain is officially 65, the average person retires at 63.

Rajoy has recently spoke favourably of David Cameron's anti-recession measures in the UK, however he says he would not do likewise in Spain by cutting half a million public sector jobs, declaring how "the situation in the UK is different to that of Spain."

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