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Spain's Speed Cameras Recalibrated

Mon 31st Jan 2011

Spain's Department of Transport (DGT) have reported how the Country's speed cameras have been re-calibrated, which now means that just that motorists caught driving at 135 kilometres per hour in a 120-kilometre limit will be fined.

Prior to this, a fine would not be issued unless they were driving at speeds in excess of 140 kilometres per hour.

The 20 kph margin has, up until now, been allowed due to the fact that speed-cameras can not be guaranteed to be totally accurate.

However, a representative of motoring group 'Movimiento140', which has been campaigning for the speed limit to be raised to 140 Kph, has branded the DGT hypocritical for suggesting that the group is responsible for the increase in the number of accidents over recent months due to them having challenged current speed limits as being out of date.

The DGT responded that if motorists observed the speed limits, a third of all accidents woud be prevented. Movimiento140 remain insistent that current motorway speed limits were established in the 1970s, when cars were not capable of travelling high speedds and their braking systems not as efficient as they are now. It suggested that a greater number of fatal accidents are caused by distraction at the wheel than for any other reason, including drink-driving.

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