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Congress approves 'Ley Sinde'

Wed 16th Feb 2011

Spain's House of Congress has approved the contraversial anti-internet download law, know as 'Ley Sinde' after the Minister of Culture who proposed the bill, however this was after a number of modifications to the orginal proposal were made by the Senate.

The law was agreed to by Congress as part of the wider Sustainable Economy legislation and members of the PSOE, PP and CiU parties all voted in favour of it's passing.

The law essentially permits a judicial order to close down any web page which shows illegal copywright content or links to illegal downloads.

Ángeles González-Sinde, Spain's Minister for culture described the new law as good news for both users of the Internet and creators and said how it was an opportunity for the generation of new employment and a wider promotion of the country's cultural heritage.

Meanwhile, critics have argued that the law does not go far enough in protecting copyright holders say the law does not go far enough.

The law is expected to take full effect later on in the year.

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