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Spain PP spokesman criticises new speed limits

Tue 8th Mar 2011

Yesterday Spain introduced it's new speed limit of 110 kph on all motorways as part of an economy drive to save petrol in the face of escalating energy prices.

The measure has been on the whole unpopular, and the main opposition party has even suggested increasing the speed limit would have the same efect.

The reduced speed limits will continue until the end of June when all 20 of the energy saving proposals, which were approved by the Cabinet last week and which are forecast to result in savings of 2.3 billion € in fuel imports, will be reviewed.

However the PP's spokesman in Congress for Foreign Affairs, believes that more savings would be made by increasing the speed limit to as much as 160 kmh. Gustavo de Arístegui gave a interview yesterday, where he commented how the reduced speed limits may result in higher fuel consumption and that it's real motive was to see an increase in revenue from expected speeding fines that may follow the measure.

The cost of changing the roadsigns alone has cost the economy 250,000 €, however, the loss of taxable revenue to the government from fuel savings it yet to be estimated.

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