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Counsellor : illegal property owners 'caused their own problems'

Mon 14th Mar 2011

During last week's meeting of the Commission of Public Works and Housing of the regional government of Andalucia, Counsellor Josefina Cruz Villalón answered a question put forward by the PP's spokesperson for planning, which has increased tensions in the already troubled region.

In a detailed translation of the meeting, the counsellor spoke at length of how the many victims of planning irregulaties were themselves to blame for the situation which they found themselves in. Moreover, the counsellor accused the thousands of victims as having 'settled in Spain illegaly' and as having 'no respect for the landscape and planning culture'.

As a further insult, she added that it was unfair to demand that the various Ayuntamientos 'solve a problem that they have not been responsible for creating'.

The AUAN (Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora NO), who represent the interests of many property owners in the area criticised the remarks and spoke about the legal and political implications of the comments.

Earlier in the week the counsellor had announced how there was a total of 12'697 'illegal' houses in the Almanzora Valley area alone - of which 920 had already been singled out for demolition. She hinted that 'special measures' may be used to legalise the remaining houses, although the costs for granting the appropriate occupation licenses would need to be met by the householder.

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