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Reduced road speed limit results in fewer fines

Source: El Pais - Mon 21st Mar 2011

Critics of the government's recent road speed limit decrease have so far been proved wrong in their claims that the move would result in an increase in speeding fines being awarded. Having now been made aware of the new speed limit law, motorists seem less likely to take any chances and have consequently been driving at much lower speeds sicne the new limits took effect on March 7th.

In the week following the changes, speed cameras recorded a 62% decrease in speeed infrations when compared to the previous week, according to figures obtained by EL PAÍS. The average number of speeding tickets awarded fell from an average of 5,500 per week in February to 2,082 during the first week after the new speed limit took effect.

Commentators on the speed limit law - an at to tempt to slash bills and conserve energy - had said that the measure was only designed to generate more revenue through the increased number of speeding fines awarded. But even as these changes were still at the discussion stage, road traffic figures show that Spanish motorists were already slowing down.

The week before the new law took effect, fines dropped by 31% from the week prior to the announcement.

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