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Spaniards work harder than Germans

Source: El Pais - Wed 13th Apr 2011

A study published yesterday by the OECD into the working hours and practices of Europeans has drawn a number of surprising conclusions.

The organization's 'Society at a Glance' survey shows that, when combining paid work together with unpaid tasks such as domestic chores, Spaniards devote an average of eight hours a day to work. By comparison, the Germans spend only 7.35 hours per day working, which includes 3.75 hours of paid work. The Spanish work an average of 4.75 hours per day at paid work, and the Poruguese 5 hours.

All of the figures were calculated based on a seven-day working week, as opposed to a five-day week, which accounts for the fact that the hours were comparatively 'low'.

Including paid and unpaid work, the Mexicans work the longest at an average 10 hours a day, while the Belgians take it easy, working only seven hours a day.

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