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Thousands of drivers on Spanish roads 'may have lost their licence'

Thu 14th Apr 2011

Spain's Department of Traffic (DGT) has warned how thousands of road users may be unaware of the fact that they may have had points deducted from their licences and are therefore legally unable to drive.

It has been estimated that as many as 400,000 drivers have already lost points, but are as yet unaware of this due to speeding infractions being monitored by camera, and the current backlog with the DGT means that the offending driver is still waiting to be informed.

Motoring groups argue that many drivers have had points deducted unfairly because, as it takes the DGT so long to inform them of the fines, in many cases it was too late to for drivers to appeal against the decision.

So far over 108,250 drivers who had committed serious or very serious offences have received letters from the DGT advising them that their points will soon run out altogether, and the motoring groups are calling for a more efficient system to be implemented.

The points system for infractions works the opposite way in Spain to the UK, whereby drivers start with 12 points, which are dedcuted for various traffic offences.

Two years ago, a study revealed that many Municipalities were simply incapeable of administrating the points and fines that had been incurred for motoring infractions. Since then many have installed the necessary software to enable Local Police to register fines with the DGT database for points removal.

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