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Los Indignados plan further action

Mon 6th Jun 2011

Far from losing momentum in their protest, now in it's third week, 'Los Indignados' intend to keep their presence in the central squares of Spain's major Towns and Cities for at least a further 2 weeks - when they plan to hold a major demonstration on June 19th.

The protestors have been living in makeshift camps to occupy key areas of major cities in order to draw attention to their concerns, and have not only attracted the attention of various members of the world's press, but have inspired similar 'revolutions' in other European countries.

The planned action on June 19th will involve the Barcelona branch demonstrating inform of major government buildings, and the Madrid branch taking the movement into the suburbs, although unofficially it has been rumoured that there will also be some kind of action involved that will bring the city to a standstill.

The protest began on May 15th, initially over concerns of rising youth unemployment in a country where almost 45% of the 16 to 25 year old age group is unemployed and with few prospects, however they are also protesting over the entire political system of the country. Corruption is rife in Spanish politics, and the regional government of Madrid alone saw over 100 politicians active during the recent elections who have been implicated in some kind of corruption charge.

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