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Tumbit Director's wife in lunar moon

Sat 25th Jun 2011

It happens to the best of us, but last night Tumbit Co-Director Dan Wells experienced first hand what it's like to lose keys in Spain.

Having arrived home late last night, Dan Wells realised he had no keys to enter his property and neither did his wife Jo.

After much debate, it was discovered, luckily, they had left a small window open meaning entry could be achieved.

Mr Wells is well known for his committed body building regime, however his muscular size had rendered him useless in entering his property through the unusually small window.Rising to the challenge, his wife Jo, stripped to her bare bones and crawled through the small window, allowing her and her family to access their property.

Commenting after the event, Mr Wells quoted "I could have made it but it made sense that my wife made the effort to minimise any damage".

Barely a week ago, our planet, Earth, experienced a "once in a life time" event where the moon was fully eclipsed by a shadow from Earth in a unique alignment between the Sun, Earth and the Moon. The lunar eclipse broke all known records by being visible for the majority of the population on planet Earth.

Undeterred, Jo broke records herself and bared all in a "moon" of her own to rescue her family. Luckily there were no further eclipse' to report of, however neighbours were dumbfounded by the sight of their mooning neighbour crawling through a window.

"I never bare all to anyone let alone the locals in my village, however needs a must" said Jo who broke from civilised protocol to save her family. do not recommend leaving windows open in your property to gain access, however a contingency of leaving a spare key with a neighbour, friend or hiding a key in a secret location might help.

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