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Central Gov't Blame PP For Rise in Unemployment

Wed 5th Oct 2011

Spain's ruling PSOE party has responded to the data released yesterday, showing a dramtic increase in unemployment, by blaming the Regions.

The report revealed the steepest increase in figures last month since records began in 1996, bringing an increase of some 95'817 in Spetemeber alone. The total number of unemployed now stands at 4'226'744.

Despite urging the regions to curb spending and cut costs in order to reach harsh budget deficit targets, central government have blamed the recent hike in figures on the largely PP lead regions for making 15'200 job cuts last month.

The PP have previously accused the PSOE party, who suffered enormous losses at the regional elections earlier in the year, for hiding the true state of the regions finances, and that they had simply inherited the problems. By the time the new regional administrations had assumed office in June, it left just half of the year to reach government imposed targets and as such austere cuts needed to be imposed.

The timing of the comments by the PSOE, and the fact that last week's opinion poll saw them falling behind the PP, has been noted.

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