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El Hierro Volcano about to end 'eruptive phase'

Thu 20th Oct 2011

CSIC Scientists monitoring the volcanic eruptions on El Hierro, together with the National Geographic Institute (IGN), confirmed earlier this morning that the 'eruptive phase' of the volcano is now decreasing. However, this is not to say that the activity as a whole has come to an end as it is likely that the volcanic activity may move towards a further phase.

Scientists also confirmed that tremors on land associated with the volcanic activity had also subsided considerablly over the past few days.

Ground deformations, drinking water samples and lava samples are still being analyzed.

Carmen Lopez, for the IGN confirmed "What had been assumed from the outset is that it was an eruption of basaltic magma which reached a depth of 11 or 12 miles and has been moving for more than three months until it found a place to rise to surface, which is what it has now done."

The Volcanologist said how the submarine eruption began at 1,000 meters below sea level and had been moving north at a depth of just 200 meters, which is why the effects were seen on the surface.

Lopez stressed the importance of waiting for all current activity to cease before declaring that the eruptive process was about to enter a new phase as it wasn't unheard of for the same activity to re-start after a short break.

The scientists on the island are continuing to monitor the volcano, but believe that any threat to the population is "low".

Read further news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

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