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El Hierro : The Conspiracy Theories Keep Coming

Source: Tumbit Opinion - Fri 21st Oct 2011

It has become an impossibility to keep count of all of the activity in the recent earthquake swarm on the island of El Hierro, with latest estimates place the tally somewhere around 10'800 since activity first began back in July.

Indeed, the media's focus seems to have shifted from the frequency and intensity of the seismic activity going on underneath the island - which is still happening - to the progression of the eruptive phases of the underwater volcano, which, if what Scientists are telling us is to be believed, seems to be on the wane.

One thing, however, that does seem to be on the increase is the amount of conspiracy theories being floated on a number of forums and social networks on the web.

Accusations are abound of scientists and politicians deliberately manipulating analytical data in order not to panic the residents of the island in light of a further enormous Earthquake / Volcano / Tsunami / Elvis landing on the Island on a UFO (* delete as appropriate).

Perhaps the most popular conspiracy theory doing the rounds is that of the entire eastern seaboard of the USA being just hours away from disaster with a massive earthquake / Volcanic eruption causing a 300 ft tidal wave. Although the theory is not a new one by any means, with its likelihood being documented on the BBC Horizon program in the 1990's, there were 2 key points that need to be considered before our friends across the pond go in search of higher ground :

1. The documentary discussed the probability of an event that was though to have happened some 50'000 years ago, when an enormous landslide fell away from the North side of the island of El Hierro, accusing a Tsunami that has been widely thought to have been responsible for the creating of the Florida Everglades. Comparing the Island's Geology of 50'000 years ago to today seems obsolete.

2. The Documentary predicted what would happen in the event of the Caldera de Tabauriente, on the neighbouring Island of la Palma suffering a similar fate. Whilst it is generally agreed that any similar activity would cause an enormous landslide resulting in a 'Super-tsunami', which would be expected to cause the worst natural disaster that history has ever recorded, it needs to be remembered that A) La Palma is not El Hierro, and that B) There have been no confirmed reports of seismic activity on La Palma.

If you have 5 Minutes to spare, have a look at our favourite scaremongering conspiracy theory on Youtube (above).

Whilst being particularly fond of style guru Prof Simon Day, Tumbit blames the Illuminati.

Read further news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

Comment on this Story

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory - especially one that contains the phrases "Armageddon" or "End of the World" !
Paul Coulson - Sat, 7th Jul 2012

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