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PP look set to overturn same-sex marriage law

Sat 29th Oct 2011

Spain's ruling PSOE party's 6 year old law, allowing same-sex marriage, could be repealled if the Partido Popular are voted into power in the general election on the 20th November.

The PP are currently 15 points clear of the PSOE in recent opinion polls and are widely expected to take an overall majority in parliament.

However, the PP look set to reverse the law allowing same-se marriage after party leader, Mariano Rajoy, branded the law 'unconstitutional', and that he would change it. He told reporters yesterday "I will listen to the court, but I don't like the fact that there is gay marriage and I don't think it is constitutional. What I don't like is the word ‘marriage'."

The Catholic Church and the PP opposed the law when it was passed 6 years ago.

Comment on this Story

Only 24,000 same sex couples have married in Spain, about 2 % of all marriages. Even Ricky Martin is soon to be married in Spain to his partner. I would not expect the gay community to take this lying down. Expect big demonstrations and further damge to the already struggling Spanish economy.
Chris Lucas - Sat, 12th Nov 2011

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