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El Hierro : Earthquake of 4.0 - Emergency Services Called to Island

Wed 2th Nov 2011

This morning the National Geographic Institute (IGN) and The Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk in the Islands (PEVOLCA) confirmed that a further earthquake with a magnitude of 4.0 was recorded at 07.54 hours GMT, located to the northwest of Frontera and at a depth of 20km. This was one of just 50 earthquakes felt on the Island since last night, but was the largest quake felt on the Island of El Hierro since the underwater volcanic eruption, off the opposite coast of the island occurred last month.

The PEVOLCA committee met on Monday, where they confirmed that a seismic shift in the north of the island was being evaluated to determine whether or not there is the possibility of an eruption at the area.

The increase in activity suggests that magma is trying to make it's way to the surface, but analysis is still ongoing with a view to confirming that eventuality.

Meanwhile, PEVOLCA has requested that the Emergency Military Unit (UME), is transferred to El Hierro to provide logistical and emergency aid in the event of an eruption taking place on the Island. The UME will take specific responsibility for the feeding and accomodating of around 2'000 residents, additionally, the capeability of the Red Cross operation on the Canaries could provide aid for 2'500.

The UME will be deployed to Valverde, to the North-west of El Hierro in two stages later tonight.

This morning's Youtube clip by Mary shows some interesting analysis of the seismic activity on the island yesterday >>>

Read further news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

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