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El Hierro May Have New Volcanic Vent

Fri 4th Nov 2011

PEVOLVA and the National Geographic Institute (IGN) have announced how El Hierro has recorded a total of 24 Earthquakes since midnight and 11.00 hrs CET this morning, averaging around 3.0 on the richer scale.

The highest was measured off the North-West of the Island at 3.2 less than 1 hours ago, with the remainder measuring from 1.9 to 3.0, with ten of the quakes measuring over 2.5.

The depths of the activities were around 22km.

Observers have noted the high number of earthquakes with a stronger magnitude and expect that this will continue throughout Friday.

Meanwhile, to the south of the island and off the coast of La Restinga, Scientists have noted a change in the colour of the stain and bubble formations rising to the surface as a result of the volcanic eruption, and are looking into the possibility of a further vent now becoming active.

A helicopter is currently flying above the eruption zone in order to gather further information for analysis.

Read further news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

Comment on this Story

I watch the local news and read the teletext every morning. Surprise...there was no mention of El Hierro at all this morning. It seems the best coverage is coming from other countries. Why?
Margaret - Fri, 4th Nov 2011

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