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Castellon airport : Airlines committed in 2013

Thu 10th Nov 2011
Castellon airport : Airlines committed in 2013

The CEO of Aerocar - the private owners of Castellón airport - Juan Garcia Salas, yesterday requested Consell aid to subsidize passenger arrivals from April of next year, which coincides with the opening date of the airport.

Salas also confirmed that negotiations are on going with Ryanair and Wizz Air to establish routes at the airport, but that they are requesting payments of between 2 to 6 Euros per passenger that they bring to the airport.

"We're talking with Ryanair and are looking at borrowing money from the Government," the Director told the press, basing his request on the terms of the National Competition Commissions ruling on Public Aid. He reasoned that Albacete airport had received over 7 Million Euros of aid since 2007, despite passenger numbers falling from 19´000 to 11´000 per year, with many other airports providing similar disappointing passenger numbers, yet receiving similar levels of financial support.

Salas also questioned the efficiency of a system that could pay subsidies of 82 Euros per Passenger at Salamanca Airport, 13 Euros at Zaragoza, but just 20 Cents at Valencia and Alicante airports.

Ryanair have expressed an interest in providing 10 flights per week to the airport, an average of 2´500 passengers per week, from Brussels and Milan, but have requested 5 to 6 Euros per passenger carried. Wizz Air are requesting around 2 Euros, and have agreed too establish routes at the airport starting from 2013.

Jet2 have also agreed to fly routes to and from Castellon airport as of 2013.

Comment on this Story

I was having a discussion the other day with the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Will o'the Wisp and we agreed that the only flights from this airport will be on 24th December each year when a large sleigh flown by a load of antlered quadrupeds of which the captain has a red nose takes off.
Paul Parker - Thu, 22nd Aug 2013
To Admin. Agreed. Just get the Airport opened and flights please from the UK forget Belgium and Italy.
Mike Hornett - Mon, 25th Mar 2013
Guys : Just to play Devil's Advocate on this one, I hear what you are both saying and you both make valid points. However, the reality is that the Airport has been built and so to a certain extent the damage to the environment (and the Tax-payers wallet) has already been done. Whilst I agree that any associated devlopment would be better avoded, surely this is a matter for the regional planning authorities, and as such a separate issue ? Whether the Airport was or was not required, I would personally like to see it become operational in a bid to create a few local jobs and try and recoup some of the financial losses seen to date.
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 24th Mar 2013
I have owned property in Alcossebre since 1978 and wonder how long you have lived there- If you want to live in a large developed area there are many locations Elsewhere. I think you are in the minority in wanting major development but you may get your wish if the white elephant comes to life.
B.lambert - Sun, 24th Mar 2013
Not sure if you live in Alcossebre but we here are the forgotten ones, it costs us lots of money to get here, in fact a lot of us are so fed up with the so called Low cost Airlines that cost a fortune, that we bring our Cars over via Brittany Ferries. Our Airport Castellon is not a remote part of Spain at all, in fact it would serve Valencia also and put Castellon on the Map.
Mike Hornett - Sat, 23rd Mar 2013
Detrimental, Oxford dict.meaning 'harmful' I think It's pretty obvious but for clarification: Airports are not usually situated in isolated areas as this one is so if it does open there will be massive devlopment, population increase etc... I was referring solely to Alcossebre which if you do not know the area is a beautiful location and in my opinion over development would ruin it.
B.lambert - Sat, 23rd Mar 2013
If Ryanair and EasyJet and Jet2 fly here from the UK people will use the service. Silly but why not just give us economic flights that include all basic services. At lot of us are happy to pay a basic flight at a reasonable price all year round. Forget about Brussels and Milan give us flights from the UK.
Mike Hornett - Sat, 23rd Mar 2013
B.Lambert - How could a new airport be "Detrimental" ??
Hi-line - Fri, 22nd Mar 2013
The debacle surrounding Castellon Airport could have come from a 'Carry on'film.It just gets worse and I doubt if we will see flights within the next 2 years a far cry from the original forecast.May be a blessing in disguise as if & when it opens it could have a detrimental impact on Alcossebre.
B.lambert - Fri, 22nd Mar 2013
Comment to Paul Needle. I really don't care who subsidises it. As somebody who has lived in Alcossebre a long time, we even remember the time before Reus and so called cheap flights. Must admit we now always consider all options and because of all the hassle with cheap flights its becoming as cheap to use a National carrier or bring your car and come by boat. I don't think that this Airport will ever start up even if it does - who fly's from Belgium and Italy. It would be interesting to see how many UK people would use the Airport if Flights came from the UK. "I would expect LOADS"
Mike Hornett - Fri, 15th Mar 2013
Pleased to see that the pipe dream goes on. But surely it is illegal and totally against EEC rules for an airport to pay an airline per passenger. I am forwarding this link to my MEP and asking him to check it out. Airports are not permitted to subsidise airlines in this way
Paul Needle - Thu, 14th Mar 2013
Again how silly can the director of the Castellon Airport be. I really have not heard of many Italian's or Belgium's wanting to come to our area of Spain. We at Alcossebre, Peniscola, Vinaros, Oropesa etc etc... having been keeping Reus and Valencia with full flights all year round. Come on all you Airlines give us some flights from the UK London Based, Luton. East Midlands, Birmingham where ever. What about giving a set fare and include luggage instead of all this Cheap Flight Rubbish all we want is flights we can rely on all year round...
Mike Hornett - Sat, 2nd Mar 2013
I hope this airport opens up and hopefully Ryanair will fly from dublin as my family have a hoilday home in Marina dor and this would be great , I will wait till April to see if they deside to fly there.
Helen Walsh - Sat, 2nd Mar 2013
My wife and I, being very positive people, say "When" and not "if". With the Grand opening of Castellon Airport, this shall bring good to the area. All the Best
Ramsay Beattie - Thu, 13th Sep 2012
"It's Good Tae Talk" I am sure we shall see the opening of the Castellon Airport during 2013. Well, Ok we may have been led to believe it would happen in 2011, so that never happened, therefore we must all give out positive thoughts and YES it shall be in the year 2013. All the Best Ramsay Beattie Knaresborough Celtic FC Club President
Ramsay Beattie - Tue, 3rd Jul 2012
What on earth is going on. We in Alcossebre need that Airport from the UK, hopefully Luton or East Midlands, what use is Milan and Brussels ? No-one what so ever, Here has an idea, what about a fixed charge for a flight to include baggage and open all year ?
Mike Hornett - Tue, 19th Jun 2012
We are waiting for years to get similar news about usíng the spent money on this ideal located airport near Castellon. The increasing numbers of regular visiting people from San Carlos much lower than Castellon have problems and look desperately for this opening. We all wish that and hope this can happen 2013.
Utz Heyn - Tue, 19th Jun 2012
The Airlines are not thinking are they. Its a big Joke, what a waste of money. We on the Costa del Azahar are forced to use Barcelona or Valencia and fly to Gatwick, Stansted or Luton or Northern Airports anywhere Midlands. Over Christmas it has been almost a non starter, planes just full and at a high cost, I personally just gave up. Why can't the Low cost airlines just see that lots of us who are on extended holidays would be happy to pay a sensible price for a flight anytime all year round, and not be messed around with add ons. I believe there are times when larger aircraft would be filled to capacity. Come on guys think about the XPats and not just Holiday makers.
Mike Hornett - Wed, 11th Jan 2012
As with so many other things in Spain, the demand is there, the infrastructure is there and the Investment is there... it just requires somebody who can actually organise the P*** up in the proverbial brewery. It is of little comfort to those who would be well served by Castellon, but I hope that Corvera airport has learned some useful lessons !
P Coulson - Tue, 10th Jan 2012
Why can't the airlines just tell us the passengers that ther is a 10euro extra charge to fly in and out of Castellon, we would be pleased to pay it to fly into Azahar... it's alright saying Valencia is only about an hour away, but added to a flight from uk thats to much, infact I fly into Barcalona, it better served and the Euro-Med train is a pleasure to use...(I know it also runs from Velancia.. but who want to travel south to get a plane north) ..come on JET 2 and Ryan-Air we are waiting....
Chrome Dog - Tue, 10th Jan 2012
We were all expecting the good news that RyanAir and Jet2 were starting services from April 2012 this year. This does not look the case as it says RyanAir are from Milan and Brussels and Jet2 from only 2013. If only the Airlines would realise that there are so many of us on the Costa del Azahar who are literally marooned here in the Winter, actually we don't mind paying a sensible price which is not necessarily the lowest price. Castellon Airport will be a dream if it EVER opens.
Mike Hornett - Mon, 14th Nov 2011

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