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El Hierro : ROV captures underwater eruption footage

Sat 12th Nov 2011

The 'Politolana' remotely operated submarine operated by the Ramon Margalef oceanographic research vessel has made a number of video recordings of the area around the volcanic eruption on the ocean floor, off the coast of la Restinga on the southern coast of el Hierro.

The recording began 6km from the eruptive vent and a depths varying between 150 to 220 mts, and recorded footage as it closed in to a distance of 1km from the vent and a depth of 480 mts.

The volcanic cone rises almost 100mt above the seafloor, and is 700mt wide at its base. Lava is currently oozing out of a crater in the center that is about 120mt wide.

The Youtube footage shows just some of the footage recorded by the ROV >>>

The volcanic eruptions off the coast of the south of the Island have varied considerablly over the previous 72 hours, from a sometimes 20mt high explosive column of water, steam, gases and ash to a a relivatively calm surface.

The volcanic activity is the same geological phenomena that created the Canary Islands many thosuands of years ago, however it is still too early for scientists to tell whether the solidyfying magma coming from the eruption - which is just 200mt from breaking the surface - will result in a new landmass.

Read further news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

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