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Church will not call upon the PP the reverese same-sex marriage laws

Source: El Pais - Sat 26th Nov 2011

The spokesman for the Spanish Episcopal Conference [CEE], Bishop Juan Antonio Martínez, commented yesterday how the Church will not be calling upon the new conservative government to abolish legislation passed under the previous adminsitration, such as legalising same-sex marriage and abortion. The Bishop also commented how the Church never tried to tell governments how they should legislate.

"The CEE never tells any ruler what to do," he said. "It has not done so with previous governments, and it will not do so with this one."

The statement, however, contradicts the number of demonstrations attended by members of the Church against these policies when they were introduced by the previous Socialist government.

When reminded of these protests, which saw thousands of families, priests and bishops out on the streets, Martínez had this to say: "We state the position of the Church. And we have said that there are laws that are clearly unjust. Governments will know what they have to do if they want to have just laws, ones that do not violate human rights."

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