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El Hierro Volcano Update : 28th November

Mon 28th Nov 2011

Scientists from Spainīs National Geographical Institute (IGN) observing recent activity of the Canary Island of El Hierro have recorded a total of 10 earthquakes over the course of the last 24 Hours (13.00 Sunday - 13.00 Monday GMT).

As with recent days and weeks, the earthquakes were centered around the El Golfo bay area, to the Northwest of Frontera on the northern coast of the island. The recorded magnitudes varied from 1.5 to 2.2 on the richter scale and at depths between 17 - 21kms.

As with the southern coast of the island over recent weeks, an Oceanographic research vessel is due to arrive on the North of the Island to investigate and map the ocean floor in the El Golfo bay and to check for the likelihood of new volcanic vents being created.

Meanwhile, the Las Calmas bay area, off the coast of La Restinga on the south of the island have seen a development with the volcanic eruptions over the weekend. A new vent appears to have opened up 1.8 km from the coast and this has been accompanied with a marked change in the colour of the stain, together with the emission of sulfurous gasses and the production of a number of smouldering volcanic rocks being brought to the surface of the water.

This recent Youtube post shows footage of the smouldering `lava bombsīfloating to the surface of las Calmas >>>

Read further news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

Comment on this Story El Hierro Living in the Shadow of a Volcano
Bella - Mon, 28th Nov 2011
Well give your Blog a big shout out here... whatīs the URL we should all be looking out for Bella ?....
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 28th Nov 2011
mmm... I know, she lifts them from my blog and distorts the truth, and even asks her viewers for money for all of her hard work...
Bella - Mon, 28th Nov 2011
True, but she uploads some very pretty pictures.
Tumbit - Admin - Mon, 28th Nov 2011
Your page is great, but I cannot understand why you promote with videos from Mary Greely who is renowned for misrepresenting, poor translation, and a great fear mongerer on the YouTube rounds.
Bella - Mon, 28th Nov 2011

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