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El Gordo Lottery Results !

Thu 22th Dec 2011
El Gordo Lottery Results !
This years winning numbers for the El Gordo de Navidad lottery were drawn earlier this morning. As in previous years, the results were televised as the children from the the San Ildefonso primary school in Madrid sang out the five-digit numbers marked on the wooden balls : Two children for each draw - one singing the number itself and one the corresponding prize.

2011 marked a record year for the El Gordo lottery fund, where the total combined prizes were increased to 2.5 Billion Euros.

All lottery tickets are distributed through official outlets, and as such it is an easy task to trace the location of the vendor of any winning ticket. However, once the tickets (and decimas) have been sold it is difficult to say with any certainty where they may end up.

The results were distributed as follows :

First Prize ('El Gordo') : Winning number = 58268

Winning Tickets mostly sold in Huescar

Prize fund : 4 Mln Euros per ticket / 400'000 Euros per 'Decima'

Second Prize : Winning Number = 53404

Winning Tickets mostly sold in Valencia / Alicante

Prize Fund : 1.25 Mln Euros per ticket / 125'000 Euros per 'Decima'

Third Prize : Winning Number 02184

Winning Tickets mostly sold in Catalonia

Prize Fund : 500'000 Euros per ticket / 50'000 Euros per 'Decima'

Fourth Prize : Winning Numbers 66832 & 12249

Winning Tickets mostly sold in Bilbao, Murcia & Tenerife

Prize Fund : 200'000 Euros per ticket / 20'000 Euros per 'Decima'

Fifth Prize : Winning Numbers 03643; 08128; 33003; 92202; 22418; 62718; 57038 & 34001

Winning Tickets were scattered around the country (although Valencia & Alicante had a high concentration of winners)

Prize Fund : 60'000 Euros Per Ticket / 6'000 Euros per 'Decima'

As a whole the luckiest provinces for 2011's El Gordo draw have been Valencia, Alicante and Castellon.

Comment on this Story

Chong : The El Gordo lottery is drawn just once per year on teh 22nd December to celebrate Xmas, however there is a 2nd Xmas lottery drawn - El Nino - drawn on the 6th Jan to celebrate the Fiesta of the 3 Kings. Of course, there a number of other Lottery draws and it can get confusing > click here for a better explanation of How to play the lotteries in Spain
Tumbit - Admin - Sun, 25th Dec 2011
What is the cost of one ticket, and how long is the draw : once or 3 times per week ?
Chong Aik Beng - Sun, 25th Dec 2011

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