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El Hierro Volcano nears surface

Mon 23rd Jan 2012

Research scientists from the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO) in Madrid, have found that the underwater volcano off El Hierro is now just 130 mts below the surface.

The Scientists, together with representatives from PEVOLCA, took data from aboard the Ramon Margalef research vessel, which has ben studying the activity in the las Calmas bay, off the coast of la Restinga since before Christmas.

On October 12th it was reported that two volcan eruptions occurred in the las Calmas bay, at depths of 500mt below the surface. Just 2 weeks later the National Geological Institute (IGN) reported how the lave being expelled through the seabed as a result of the eruption had solidified into a cone shape, with a base of 700mts, a crater of 120mts and an overall height of 200mtts.

The on-going production of pyroclasts, together with the changing 'stain' and jacuzzi activity have made it clear that there has been activity since those measurements were first taken, but just last week the Raman Margalef was able to reveal the extent of these changes :

The base of the cone has now grown to a diameter of 800mts, the height of the cone 200mts, which leaves the depth of the volcano at being just 130mts below the surface.

The Youtube image uploaded today shows some impressive images taken of the eruption over recent weeks >>>

An underwater mapping of the Volcano on the 30th November revealled how the formation of the cone had split into two, however the latest image shows that subsequent 'growth' has lead to one cone being re-formed.

Scientists have also compared the geology of the seabed measured last week to a detailed map from 1998, which shows how the observed changes equate to the production of an estimated 145 million cubic meters of lava.

Read previous news stories about the El Hierro Volcano by clicking the link HERE .

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