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FACUA denounce Ryanair for 'Fraud'

Thu 9th Feb 2012
FACUA denounce Ryanair for 'Fraud'

The FACUA consumers association has accused Ryanair of fraudulent practice in their sales of airline tickets that can often end up being more than five-times the advertised price once all fees, charges and taxes have been applied.

Earlier today the association spokesman, Ruben Sanchez, referred to the situation of offering a ticket for 12 Euros, but it costing the consumer 69 Euros - possibly even more depending on the method of payment - as being "Illegal".

The group has therefore asked the government to act against the alleged fraud and seek to put an end to such practices.

Sanchez also criticised the Chairman of Ryanair, Micheal O'Leary, specifically his recent insult to the former employees of collapsed airline, Spanair. Earlier this week O'Leary referred to Spanair protestors at his arrival at Bibao airport as the "Ryanair Fanclub", and thanked them for the publicity that they had provided him with on his press conference to announce that Ryanair would take over a number of routes abandoned by the collapsed airline.

Comment on this Story

Michael O'Leary is a businessman....just like most of the rest of the parasitic capitalists....He has done very well and should be congratulated for his business fervour....every opportunity to increase the bottom line he will take....I dont blame him for acknowledging the part that neg publicity plays in getting known....just so long as we all support the negative vibes that might come his way...Maybe he should now show that, as a people-oriented Irishman, he is a bit 'of a positive organism from this planet rather than a parasite'...give something back to the people Michael.....Be kinder...cause ur Irish...Its never all about the money....
Andrew Duffy - Sat, 11th May 2013
THATS HOW ONE OF THE FRAUD GOES WITH RYANAIR. I have booked a flight from London to Bremen for 29 euros. ~The confirmation came by email for a flight from London to Oslo. When talking to Ryanair at 5O pence per minute for a considerable time I was told that there is nothing they could do and I would have to pay 50 euros to change the flight. There is no way that I could have booked Oslo instead of Bremen. Is this a deliberate scam to make people pay twice and more for a flight. Such a "mistake" could be easyl programed in say one in ten bookings. It would make them millions of extra revenue. Let us know of similar experiences. and Curse those Bastards.
R. Besfky - Wed, 8th May 2013

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