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Car Hire shortage to hit Spain for the summer

Sat 3rd Mar 2012
Car Hire shortage to hit Spain for the summer

Spanish car rental agency, AurigaCrown, have recently announced that they are to cease trading following a 2 year period of administration.

As such, this move is expected to result in the shortage of around 15,000 vehicles in the market and will have a significant impact on both the price and availability of car rentals up to and over the summer period.

The company's problems are typcial of that currently faced by the car hire sector in Spain. The recent economic downturn in the country has made it difficult to raise the required finance to maintain their fleets, and many companies have had to downsize considerablly, which has already had an imapct on the market.

Official figures from the Spanish Airports Authority - AENA - revealled how some 204 Million passengers flew to or from an airport in Spain during 2011.

Furthermore, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) released data showing how 56.9 Million foreign visitors came to Spain in 2011.

Last year was a exceptionally good year for foreign visitor numbers, and with the statistics for January 2012 being up by 5.7% on the same period last year, it makes industry predictions of a 7% increase in visitor numbers this year all the more achievable.

This likely increase in demand, and reduction in availablity has prompted rental companies to urge holidaymakers and anybody else with a future requirement for hiring a vehicle, to take action early and not leave it to the very last minute to make their reservation. It has been suggested that prices for rentals over the summer period - if and when there is any availiability - may reach costs that are almost double that of previous years.

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Comment on this Story

I know of at least one mid-sized rental company that has fallen into 'financial difficulties' and ceased trading at the start of the year (there may well have been others). The fact that these cars have gone out of circulation at the start of season means that a shortage has been predicted (although I agree, I haven't heard of anyone being inconvenienced by this yet)
Mr Grumpy - Wed, 4th Jul 2012
I hadn´t heard of this problem - I´ve a friend at Atesa which is being taken over by an American company. Are such takeovers part of the problem?
Mo - Wed, 4th Jul 2012
I haven't heard of anyone not being able to locate a reasonably priced rental so far this year. Anyone else ?
Robster - Tue, 3rd Jul 2012
Given that there is an expected shortage of 15'000 cars, I assume that thi is the number that AurigaCrown had in their fleet ? - What happened to these cars ? Where have they all disappeared to ?
Mekon - Mon, 5th Mar 2012

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